Amanda Mora / Press

“This featured artist, currently in the Top 100 on the Reverbnation charts, had some fun and interesting responses. Her newest album, Awaiting the Sound, is a relaxing cd--just perfect for a comfy, Southern Sunday afternoon.”

““...A lovely blend of folk, pop, country, and jazz elements. The diverse songs from “Awaiting The Sound” are mesmerizing” - Paul Freeman, The Mercury, San Jose, CA”

“The Ribbon’ is a masterpiece. One of the best songs I have ever heard!”

John Aieli - 90.5FM KUT Austin - Eklekticos

“At 25 years old she produces an album that’s mature and complex with its vision and its songwriting/singing skill. Flavored with all things jazzy, folksy and including the beauty of a voice that sings with ease, Mora’s album is an interesting mix that makes for a nice change of pace...”

Daisy Riprock - Austin Daze

“...Some of the best new music I have been associated with in years. She is completely unique and has the breadth and depth to keep up this quality of work for years to come. Get ready.””

John Inmon - Blue Sugar Studios

“It's only a matter of time before this witty and whimsical singer-songwriter is off to play her well-crafted songs for larger audiences. I just could not love this musician more!”

Lisa Mahacha - Clifford's