Amanda Hardy / Press

“She took the stage fiercely with combative force; a will for herself to push herself and give 110% as she sang as a true rock champion would with her voice being much more mature than her age. She is reminiscent of Christina Aguilera in that they both started young, albeit, two completely different styles of music; however they share one thing in common: a surprisingly mature voice packed into a petite frame.It was humbling to hear such powerful vocal construction, control, and singing from her diaphragm tells us that she certainly knows what she is doing with her amazing vocal range. Hardy has a unique sound that has a jazzy quality combined with hard rock vibrato akin to Freddie Mercury of “Queen”, but with a soft grace intertwined in her music. She has an undeniable rock star presence, grace, and positive attitude onstage and off with the voice to match these qualities. She is a rock star in the making.”

“Amanda Hardy at only 17 years of age has burst on to the Seattle music scene. Fresh off of her performance in England, Amanda Hardy has returned to Seattle ready to rock.The emerging rocker that dreams of playing a sold out Wembley Stadium one day took the time to answer a few questions about her music, her inspirations and her challenges as a young performer.This is what she had to say : http://seattlesoundlive.com/seattle-sound-live-news/seattle-sound-live-interview-singersongwriter-amanda-hardy/”

“Amanda Hardy is your average 16-year-old girl with an above average dream. "I just really wanted to play music out in front of people," said the aspiring singer from Kent. Since her debut at Seattle's Showbox Market when she was just 13, Hardy has accomplished goals it takes others years to achieve. As the lead vocalist for her self-titled hard rock band, Hardy estimates she has played nearly 100 shows in the past three years. She and her bandmates have played the Showbox four times, opened for Styx and Queensrÿche, and have attracted fans throughout the world from India to England. Even some of Hardy's music idols recognize her face. "We went to a show back in December at the Crocodile, and Jerry Cantrell (guitarist for Alice in Chains) said, 'Oh hey, Amanda'" Hardy said. "I was like, 'Oh my god!'”

“SLIDESHOW: Eclectic line-up of musicians honored West Seattle filmmaker's birthday: In addition to some of Jamie Chamberlin's friends, including Feedback Lounge co-workers Bradi Jones and Leslie Johnston, a collection of well-known and up-and-coming musicians gigged in his honor. They included Shadowland owner and musician Ben Jenkins joined by Jay Cates, both of Bend, Scotty Olson of Heart, Alice in Chains, Parker Lundgren of Queensryche, Andrew McKeag of The Presidents of the United States, James Germain, and newcomer Amanda Hardy. ”