Amalia Ishak,Soprano / Press

"Ishak has a large voice, she uses the space of her stage and indulges in the sentiments the songs depict as if her own. Salvatore Cardillo (1874-1947) composed the beautiful Neapolitan song “Core ‘ngrato” (Ungrateful Heart) in 1911 for Enrico Caruso. Ishak’s performance of it is melodramatic but she shows fine control of piano passages......."

"During the evening she sang in a convincing and natural manner... More than that, she lived the lyrics and was incredibly expressive, and some might even say she was flamboyant...The remainder of the set displayed the previously-mentioned dramatic skills of the soprano. Sometimes good actors can convey the essence of the story even if they are speaking in a language you don't understand. This was the case with Ishak......."

"Amalia Ishak possesses a rich and radiant voice, remarkably even across its range. It is easy to imagine her successes in opera or on the platform of a major orchestra hall......."

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