AmAEvolutioN / Press

“The great thing about Music is that there are so many different genres out there to enjoy at any time. I love not being pegged into a music genre hole and just listening to one thing. I listen to all types of music and enjoy each one of them. So today I want to introduce you to enjoy a Funky Rock and Blues fusion cocktail that is AmAEvolutioN. They have such an incredible sound that just blends so many types of music and just comes together beautifully. You will hear some Rock, R & B, Soul, Funk and Blues all meshed together that just has me captivated! Being a native from the Bay Area, I applaud Berkeley native Nadiya Lewis on her commanding presence on her vocals. She just sings right to your soul and you can just feel her emotions! Then you can really enjoy the guitarist Sergio de Paula Lima as he lays down some great guitar work complimenting the cool bass lines of Musashi “Moose” Lethridge and topping it off with the smooth drums of John Adams! They have been compared t”

“new Bay Area band Ama Evolution. With four extremely talented members, including a vocalist, they pumped out their own unique and masterful version of rock and funk with flare. “If you weighed your heart against a feather ...” vocalist Nadiyah Lewis sang, what would it weigh? Don’t let them take your heart from you, she pleaded with the audience. Compared to groups The Roots and In Living Color, Ama Evolution is definitely new talent to keep your eye on.”