Aly Tadros / Press

"Best Live Shows in NYC"

“I could listen to her sing [Alberta] 24×7 & never get tired of hearing it!…She has definitely made a fan of me & I look forward to seeing her a ton in the near future.”

“[The Fits] was produced by Duane Lundy, known for his work with Jim James, Ben Sollee, and These United States, and it reflects the lyrical intimacy for which Tadros herself has become known.”

“This video will probably make your ovaries explode. ('Sweet On Me' release)”

"A dynamic performer. Tadros' stock is on the rise"

"With a voice angelic as it is weather beaten, Austin, Texas’ Aly Tadros sounds distinctively romantic, sultry and motherly all at once"

Bootleg Magazine

"Her classical guitar writhes on the floor of the mind, haunted by the honesty of her lyrics."

“Aly’s powerful voice and confident playing fill the stage completely. Her singing slides from open-hearted and wispy to tortured and edgy, similar to the vocal transitions that Jeff Buckley perfected, which gives her a tremendous range of emotional and dynamic expression.”

“Her vocals tread softly, then swell, as she lays emotion out on the table in a mixture of jazz, blues, and roots musical stylings on acoustic guitar.”

“Her name is Greek but, once you speak to Aly Tadros, you always end up in Egypt or Pakistan. ”

“Her light banter with the crowd engages their attention, and her short monologues give humorous insight into the origins and meanings of her songs.”