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“‘To be free and who you are’: Pride South Florida to be celebrated Saturday, Sunday in Fort Lauderdale”

“The making of Alyssa's debut album "Alter Ego". Recording at StarStrucked Recordings in Tampa FL with producer Izzi. "Something happens to me when I step into the studio, I become the artist from within" Writing all the songs on her debut and featuring some Co-writers like Ashley Child's & Shunte Quarnelius and Cecilia Jenkins. "I like to give a splash of me and a touch of someone different to really make the songs come to life". I have awesome music by some talented producers like Ansane Productions& Restibtrax & Mister B to name a few. "Recording the songs is what I call the fun stuff". "I have some real personal songs on this album. I also have party songs and fun songs as well. I wanna show all different sides of me". Working with Izzi we make a good team I think. We are always on the same page when it comes to song production. This debut is gonna be HOT !!! Track-list not yet confirmed but the debut will be a World wide Online Digital release on December 24 2013. Look for it !!!!”

Alyssa H - The Making of my debut album "Alter Ego"

“There’s a new star on the Florida pop scene and her name will soon be on the minds and hearts of music lovers everywhere. This bright young artist, a New Jersey native who found her way to the dirty south many years ago, and now calls Clearwater her home, is poised to take center stage in the music industry. Expressing interest in music from an early age, she wrote her first songs by the age of fifteen and began performing at the age of eighteen for family and small crowds, working her way into the nightclub scene, honing her stage skills and performances into a finely tuned machine. Citing influences from Madonna and Christina Aguilera to Heart, she is a solid pop artist with a unique sound. This young artist has faced many struggles in her life using each one as inspirations for her music, drawing on the learning experiences of life to guide her craft. As she started expanding her interest in the music industry by writing and preforming, the feedback was pouring in, and her future”