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"Our great musical guest today, she's a producer, a co-producer, she's a guitarist, she's a drummer, she's a vocalist, a writer, the list goes on, she's talented, she's extremely talented, and she's gonna be telling us why we should be wearing blue today. Miss Alyssa Jacey! Alyssa, you are one of the most motivated people in Nashville. Why the move to Nashville from San Diego?" Click to download this interview for FREE!

"My guest today was nominated as 'Best Live Country Performer' for the 2013 Nashville Independent Music Awards, her new single, 'The Light,' can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other online streaming/downloading sources. She plays guitar, drums, writes her own songs, and just happens to be extremely attractive. Please welcome, Alyssa Jacey!" Click to download this interview for FREE!

"A year from now, somebody might ask why 2014 was such a packed year for me musically, and I'll be able to trace it back to these mentoring sessions with Alyssa Jacey. Had another great meeting tonight, and I honestly think if I met her 5 years ago, I'd be Bruno Mars right now." ~February 2014 client, Evan McKee. Click to read more...

"If I'd stayed in San Diego I wouldn't be where I am today." To have a career in music, she says, you have to leave home. "Doors will open, but you gotta make the decision to move." She continues, "Everyone here is badass. They play in their sleep. When they wake up, they're even better." Click link to read more...

“In Autumn 2011, she began recording an album in Nashville with drummers Nick Buda (Taylor Swift) and Steve Bowman (Counting Crows), fiddle player Jason Fitz (The Band Perry), keyboardist Michael Webb (LeAnn Rimes, John Fogerty), engineer/electric guitar player Eric Fritch and co-producer Jim Reilley (the New Dylans). So why the permanent move to Nashville? "Thirty years in one place is long enough for me. I've hit a musical wall here, and all over Cali, and done virtually everything I could possibly do here. Played on the main stage of the SD House of Blues, opened for Bruno Mars up in L.A., put out five albums, soon to be six, in seven years, performed over 500 shows that I booked all myself, put myself on four tours, two nationwide, got on local and national radio, local and national TV interviews and performances, won contests, headlined at the Belly Up Tavern, made a music video, spoken at schools and private events to inspire kids & teens to follow their dreams...(con't)”

“We can’t interview everyone and we certainly don’t usually interview them twice. So why Alyssa Jacey? Well, beyond her obvious singing talent, there is a simple answer. She has stayed in our face – but in a good way. A tireless self-promoter, Jacey has kept us up on every step of her career, through EPs, band changes, tours and the recent release of her debut album, the independently released Here’s to Change. She has made sure that we don’t forget about her and such passionate determination to get her music out there deserves to be rewarded. The fact that she is extremely gifted only helps things. Besides, it turns out that Here’s to Change is a wonderful step forward for the singer/songwriter, showing her to be an artist of an even deeper palette than we originally imagined. Recently Alyssa was kind enough to call us to update us on her music, her first full-length album, getting a band and the story behind her deep passion for the color blue.”

“Nashville apparently likes her too. “I played live on TV here last week, and the host nicknamed me the Katy Perry of country music." Jacey originally trained to be a dancer, a career choice that was derailed after a night at a karaoke bar. “My music career started as a joke. I was forced on to a karaoke stage in 2004 by friends who’d heard me singing to myself.” She was hooked; she sang karaoke for the rest of the year and in the process began to refine her craft. She taught herself to play guitar and later, drums. “I now have written over 250 original songs.” And after six albums and five tours, she’s ready for a change in scenery. But leaving home can be hard. What will she miss most about San Diego? (read more by clicking link)”

“Have you ever done any charity type concerts? If so what were they and if not would you if asked? *I've been playing charity concerts since my first year in the biz. I have done the cancer walk for Relay for Life about 3 or 4 times, I did a yearly benefit concert 4 years in a row for Flight 93 and the victims of 911. I've been asked to perform to aide in helping celebrate the lives of lost ones, people I've never even met before, so I did a few of those too and other cancer benefits as well as a charity concert for a fraternity from the college I graduated from (Cal State University San Marcos). I have rarely turned down performing for charity or benefit concerts and when I have, it's been because I've been out of town or had another gig. I REALLY want to get involved with the Alzheimer's Association. I lost my Grandma ("Grammy") back in February of 2005 to Alzheimer's Disease so she never got to see me perform. So that's something I plan on making happen this year.”

“Owner of one of the richest voices in San Diego's singer-songwriter community, Alyssa Jacey has seemed to be on the verge of breaking through for a few years now. Few singers are more active as performers on the local scene, fewer yet work harder at spreading the word about their music than does the seemingly tireless Jacey. Read more: http://www.nctimes.com/entertainment/music/new-music-releases-for-april/article_f0eb3ff7-b7cb-5783-8725-95c0ab525ec0.html#ixzz1qiVceA5L”

“It takes more than talent to make it as a successful artist (or anything for that matter). You have to be strong, ambitious, determined and undeterred by everyone else’s doubt or else you won’t make it. I can think of no better example than San Diego’s own rising star Alyssa Jacey.”

“4. What was your worst on stage experience? What was your best? My worst stage experience is always the same one. I'm VERY hard on myself, and even when people think I do/did a great job, I might think I was horrible...”

“Carlsbad's Alyssa Jacey knew she'd be in the arts for her career. Almost 20 years in dance, including an appearance in Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego in 2003, led her to believe that dance would be her life's work.”

“Homegrown singer-songwriter Alyssa Jacey, now living in Carlsbad, is releasing her first full-length, self-produced album later this year. Jacey,grew up in Rancho Santa Fe and Del Mar and moved to Los Angeles four years ago to become a professional dancer.”

"I never focused on the music scene until a few years ago," says Alyssa Jacey. "I always listened to music and appreciated everyone who was on the radio, selling out shows, but ever since I decided to pursue music instead of a dance career...

“It’s not easy to break into the music business. However, only a year into her singing career, Alyssa Jacey is making some serious headway.”