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“Alvon Johnson is a tremendous musician Showman! His concert at the Beef Bar in Moscow grabbed the listeners with its dynamism and sharpness. The public were driven crazy with excitement by Alvon and didn't let him let him go from the stage.”

“An extraordinary musician on the extraordinary scene American guitarist and showman Alvon Johnson musical star of this year's "Rudder at Bydgoszcz." On the floating stage hypnotized his music listeners gathered in the amphitheater at the Opera Nova.”

“WOW!!! What fantastic Christmas Eve I was blessed to enjoy!! Got to see Mr. Excitement of the bay area, Alvon Johnson, doin' his thizzle as only he can!”

Kimberly Jackson - Facebook

“Yesterday Alvon Johnson tore down a whole room of very accomplished musicians. This brother really should be a superstar! That's what I think!!!!!”

Rhonda Benin - Facebook

“If you have ever seen and heard Alvon, then you know his singing and playing his guitar can send you into ecstasy with his soft, soothing sexy voice and then turn you into a wild woman with his magnificent guitar playing and body movements. This is a true showman, and he gives his all in all of his performances. If you have not been to one of his shows, you owe yourself this one pleasurable evening with a man that can change your life in just one night.”

Biscuits and Blues - Biscuits and Blues

“April 25 was a concert representative of traditional jazz with American guitarist and singer Alvona Johnson. From the very beginning he conquered the audience with his artistry, virtuoso performances and genuine openness. A full house at the Philharmonic Hall was speaking only of the fact that it was a real feast for the senses.”