S.O.J. / Press

“would like to thank everyone ,that help me to the number one spot again. God bless and keep you all, keep making music and doing your thing!”

a.r. boudy jr - S.O.J.

“to all that have supported me, God bless you all! There are many supper people and God given talent. As many on the web, have told me (keep doing your thing) never give up! We are a family and must stick together as one. We are the music the sound of the nations!people on reverb, are a special breed that have taken the visions in there own hands and to be heard! we will not take no for a awnswer! We will keep sing and playing to give our message with love and feeling for what God has called us to do! Raise up soilders and fight the good fight! let us be one Powerful Nation under God as it should be! I love you all my brothers and sisters. Rock n Soul! God be with you all in the name of Jesus!”

a.r.boudy jr S.O.J. - S,O,J,

“well i cant believe it, i reached the number 1 local. i would like to thank all the people who helped me get there, GOD AND EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED ME THANK YOU ALL: GOD BLESS.”

S.O.J. - A.Boudy jr

“hello just wanted everyone to know that if i dont get back directly with anyone, is that i will be gone for the week training horses and will not have my l.t. with me . so i just want everyone that adds me or sends me a message, i will get back with you on every saturday when i come home. thanks to all that have added me and to those that will. God bless all take care! keep rockin and soulin”

S.O.J. - a r boudy jr

“to all bands, keep on singin,keep on playing, never give up! God bless all!”

a boudy jr - S.O.J.