Althea Rene / Press

“Althea René an impassioned flautist from Detroit, Michigan, has been known to mesmerize her audiences with her vivacious captivating performances. This unparalleled artist, born December 25, began her musical career at age four as a classical flautist. She was influenced by the rich talent in her family, among them her father Dezie McCullers, Sr., who performed with many Motown stars. Smooth jazz flutist Althea Rene made history by becoming the first flute player in the history of Billboard Chart to reach the number one rank with her 2013 hit single “In the Flow”. In collaboration with award winning producer Lew Laing, Althea Rene delivers another solid tour de force. “Gypsy Soul” is the first single release from her powerful, scorching hot CD Unstoppable. The CD will be available at CDBaby in some weeks. Watch out!”

“Flautist Althea René has spent much of her life successfully meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles. She established her career while raising two boys as a single mother and working days as a deputy sheriff in Detroit courthouses. She’s the first flute player to hit the top of both the Billboard and Smooth Jazz charts, and she joins us to discuss the latest single from her hit album, “In the Flow”.”

“Soulful,sensual flute playing ,that brings back memories of Herbie mann and Hubert Laws”

“Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records and Althea Rene make smooth jazz history today as her debut radio single “In The Flow” becomes the first flute single to achieve #1 status on the Billboard singles chart. In the wake of what has become a saxophone dominant genre, it’s nice to see the re-emergence of the flute as an embraced and accepted instrument once again and Althea is pioneering the way with a record that has catapulted up the chart is just 6 short weeks and has become a critical fave. Say’s Althea, “Always stay true to who you are & surround yourself with people who have genuine faith in you. Never let anyone steal your passion. Huge thanks to all of you who have been there for me from the beginning and those new fans that are just discovering my music, I am absolutely over the moon!”

“his is the album that could singlehandedly put the flute back on the front lines of contemporary jazz. In this sax-heavy genre it's hard to believe that those of us who cut our teeth on contemporary and fusion in the 70's often came into the door with a flutist. Herbie Mann's albums bridged the space toward jazz for a lot of rock fans, Tim Weisberg was a jazz-rock pioneer who recorded a duo album with Dan Fogelberg, Jeremy Steig came even closer to the rock side (and was later sampled by the Beastie Boys), Hubert Laws played on a lot of the jazzier pop albums which led liner note readers (that was most of us back then) to explore his work. This was also a point of entry for women, Bobbi Humphrey and Sherry Winston among them, who took big steps into the boys' club known as recorded jazz with flute recordings. Then the flute faded into the background. The radio gods said it didn't “test well” and from the mid 90's on the flute faded into oblivion.”

“Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records announces the forthcoming label debut of Althea Rene In Stores May 28th One of the best kept secrets in Contemporary jazz will soon be secret no more with the release of the Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm debut of Flautist Althea Rene` IN The Flow"”

“Trippn 'N' Rhythm Signs Althea Rene`”