Altermatum / Press

“Altermatum came out with fiery energy and throughout the entire show they played it up for the crowd.”

“Altermatum is heavy, well-constructed and, most of all, refreshingly different! I've always believed Knoxville has talent and Altermatum has proven that!”

Mitch, 94.3 the X DJ

“With riveting riffs, hypnotizing instrumentals, and a blend of raw and soothing vocals, Altermatum will captivate you with their performance. It's pure audio seduction and a wonderful addition to the local scene.”

Necro Von K, Deviants Underground Radio Head DJ

“Raw, energetic and full of emotion, Altermatum bring a dynamic sound to alternative rock. The musical, vocal and lyrical talent all combine to make you FEEL the music...in short- hey, these guys ROCK!!!”

James Baysinger, Metalholic Magazine

“Altermatum has taken modern metal and gave it their own unconventional twist. From the name all the way to their last breath of a song. A must hear by everyone. If you have not seen them live or purchased some kind of merch, you are missing out on a band that will bring the noise and keep it in your head for days to come.”

Dropkick Chris, Co-owner of Deviants Underground Radio

“Aside from having a pretty awesome, play-on- words, band name, Altermatum lives up to it with non-stop energy and a mix of fury and clarity to the vocals...This is definitely a band you will hear more from.”

Waylon Whiskey, Comedian/Black Liver Society Founder

"It sounded like what they used to call alternative in the 90's, with creative lyrics that use nice imagery in the words they choose. Grunge is still alive in Altermatum!"

Oz, 94.3 the X DJ

“After listening to Altermatum, I'm convinced that this band has arrived from the future, in a time travelling phone booth or a Delorean, to save our Earth and bring us the rock of the future.”

Wally Miles, Founder of Wallypalooza

"Altermatum is a kick-ass band, that will suck you in with their sound."

Pryjmaty, Co-owner of Deviants Underground Radio