“This night in Prescott chicks started the pit and it got some pretty hard shoving and pushing. You have to understand, the lass is not a moshing venue. As I had my back to the show talking to Dan of Foul Mouth Productions (dressed as Santa) he was all like” DUDE THEY ARE MOSHING THEY ARE FUCKING MOSHING AT THE LASS. THERE IS'NT MOSHING AT THE LASS!! “”

“Live review: ALTERED SILENCE and ANIMUS COMPLEX by Death Weddle Posted on March 6, 2013 by deathweddle2012”

Jason Weddle - www.deathweddle.com

“Notaro was a veteran of countless world tours as a leading sound engineer. He’s worked with the Sepultura for 10 years, not to mention Sacred Reich, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, Clutch, Forbidden, Death Angel, Concrete Blonde and Ministry just to name a few. Got there in time to witness a brutal set from Altered Silence. Never caught these guys before, but they definitely made a lot of new fans, myself included. Hitting the stage with Regrets, Stitches and Cloaked in White, the band started their assault in true metal fashion. Riffs were slung at the audience relentlessly, and they ate it up. Definitely a solid band that deserves attention. They finished their set up with My Illness, My Kult , Ace of Spades, Grey Skies, Confession and Acid Reign.”