Alta Mira / Press

““I jokingly tweeted that I should send an e-mail to bands if I’m able to listen to their entire album or EP without losing interest. Hey, we get sent a lot of music and unfortunately that means the music gets judged by how quickly it can grab us, and hold our attention…Last week Albany, NY band Alta Mira quietly sent me a link to their Soundcloud and Bandcamp sites, and I listened. After that I listened again, and as I write this I am listening yet again.””

“This is rock that certainly doesn’t follow any kind of straight-forward rock formula. It’s complex and intoxicating. This is challenging stuff.”

“You can lose yourself on the journey through this intriguing CD, the first full-length album by one of the Capital Region's most highly acclaimed bands. It's imaginative, expertly produced and a showcase for the strong, expressive vocals of Joe Michon-Huneau...”

“...The time and effort put into this album shows not just in the well put together package of songs, but also in the comfort the band clearly feels with the material. There is a confidence in these songs not usually found on a debut album.”

“...Alta Mira are thinking big. Two years of work, collaboration with a Grammy-winning engineer, and the support of a sleek new label helped launch the band’s debut LP. One listen should prove they spared no expense and settled for nothing less than the record they were meant to create.”

“A young quartet from Clifton Park, whose music seemed to draw on the past several [+more] decades of art-rock, fusing together the intricate arrangements and musicianship of the classic '70s progressive rock bands, the herky-jerky new wave rhythms of XTC and the passionate vocals of Jeff Buckley.”

Greg Haymes - Times Union