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“dude I just listened to the new songs! all i can say is fuck yeah!! the Whole lotta Rosie cover is kick ass, and Never let go of your Dreams, is a song that any artist can relate to. Rockin music my friend! Cheers, all the best in 2010 spark1”

Jason Ashby of Spark1duh? - Reverbnation

“ LPB band - Alternative / Electroacoustic / Experimental 2009-11-29 12:18 Great rock! Excellent melodies and performances! "Golden Earring's Twilight Zone" is one of our favorites! Awesome song! Most enjoyed listening to all your tracks and watching your videos! Wish you all the best! ”

LPBband Reverbnation - Reverbnation Comments

“Hey Guys, I enjoyed Whole Lotta Rosie. I'm an Aussie and ACDC are local lads. You did a great rendition of that track, best to you!Thanks!”

Peter M - Reverbnation Artist

“I knew Al a little and had heard him sing so was happy to check out the group but wasn't prepared for who was in it: three guys I've been writing about for about 15 years since early on in the magazine's run: Steve Madden on guitar, Gary Cormier on second guitar and Chris Hume on bass!”

“If you do get the chance to see this band live they'll give you a amazing in your face show they'll have you dancing on the floor and on that night they had the floor pack which is rare at McGradies but it definitely brought life to the place”

Max Brand - Max Brand Report

“Catalyst was delivering the goods of their performance. ...you got a band that plays kick ass rock n roll the way it's meant to be played... This is one band you folks should check out in 2009 cause they'll be a big demand on the club circuit.”

Max Brand - Max Brand Report