Alpthraum / Press

"If you like experimental metal, not prog, but does take from multiple genres, this is something to check out."

"The grandiosity and bombast of symphonic metal can sometimes be overwhelming, but in the right hands it brings a satisfying sense of power and headbanging catharsis. Montreal’s Alpthraum have the right hands. They capably meld synthesized symphonic sweep with chug-heavy melodic death metal"

"Imagine what Iron Maiden might have sounded like if they decided to collaborate with Dimmu Borgir, and that should give you a vague idea as to what this sounds like."

"The music pounds with heavy riffs and thundering drums, shimmers with keyboard atmospherics, and swirls and bounds with clean guitar leads. Thankfully, the vocals are mostly jagged and bestial."

"[Alpthraum's album "Eyes of a Monument"] it's a journey somewhere between the dark movie soundtrack and it provides the emotion of a gothic style, in which the decline is a companion providing the adventure, a representation of the dark suggestive dreams of Gustave G."

“Definitely check it out if you're into the whole symphonic metal thing, you probably won't find anything like this from the scene this year. 7.5/10”