Alphabet Rockers / Press

"4 Stars" "This album is hip, hoppin', and full of energy. Each song is well crafted, with catchy grooves, clear and easy to understand lyrics promoting super-positive messages, and excellent production value."

““When we're not dancing on the dance floor, we're rocking with the Alphabet Rockers - our favorite family band in the world"”

Founder Andy Hurwitz - Baby Loves Disco

"The Alphabet Rockers group is trying to do two things that many have tried, but comparatively few have succeeded at: making tuneful hip-hop for kids, and making tuneful educational music for kids. On at least one track, they've met both challenges, and made a slick video to boot. Check out "Shape Rap - v. smooth. It's reminiscent of one of my favorite public service announcement series of all time."

““We love working with Alphabet Rockers. In our work bringing professional artist into school to work with children, it is important to have artist partners who are both accomplished in their discipline, and are thoughtful about how to meet the educational needs of the schools and their kids. On top of that, every program needs to be fun and really engaging for students. Alphabet Rockers is all that and a bag of chips, and we’re thrilled to have them on our roster!””

Young Audiences of Northern California

“Best Kids Artist - 2011 "Family friendly and tons of fun!"”

Red Tricycle

"The group's style sets it apart from other bands for kids"

"Engaging, good for you pop music"