Almost Normal / Press

“I Shot the Moon, six-track EP from Almost Normal hit iTunes on May 1st. I had myself a listen and found the record has a pleasant pop-punk undertone melded with alternative synth-rock touches. Tracks like opener "Escape" consist of your typical hopeless romantic lyrics-- simple and lighthearted accounts of a yearning heart. "Hear Me Out" has a Southern California emo-tronica sound w/ satisfying guitar touches resonating throughout. A favorite of mine on the EP is "Write Me a Letter": a creative tune that starts with a hypnotic intro complete with background music of children playing, leading into a nostalgic tune about growing up (or trying not to). Lampman's spoken-word break during the song was a nice accent as well. "Scarecrow Dreams" starts out with a clean, upbeat intro that segways into a relatable tune about playing the vicious game of love.”

“ALMOST NORMAL, "I Shot the Moon" (almostnormalmusic.com): Ashley Lampman is the kind of lady who spells her emotions out in all caps. "My heart beats for you," she sings on album opener "Escape." "Tasting you is just like heaven," she adds on "Make Believe." "I really, really love you," she summates on closer "Breakup Season." Lampman's ardor is an unmovable object on "I Shot the Moon," as outsize as that which is targeted in its title. You hear it in her voice, as she sings in a breathy, ever-earnest rush of words freighted with longing. Lampman humanizes Almost Normal's alternately eager and bittersweet pop rock, which is equally polished and precocious. "Let's be kids forever," she implores over ringing guitars on "Write Me A Letter," and true to form, this disc does have a starry-eyed feel to it. Some will find it all a bit too precious, but the band, rounded out by guitarist Shane Ouellette, drummer Andrew Zakher and bassist Cris Hanna, is as cutting as they are occasion”