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Allysen Callery / Press

““Songbird… continues in the ethereal tradition of Allysen’s previous records. With fingers dancing across acoustic strings and that voice, lovely and straight-out-of-Lothlorien otherworldly, Allysen stands out from the area’s predominantly roots and Americana styled folk scene. Tracks like “Bluest Bird” and “Snow Fox” harken back to traditional British folk, though “Shoot Me” has her putting a bluesy-twist on her ghost whisper vocals."”

"When she’s not singing with the sumptuous group Haunt The House, Allysen Callery is bringing back to life the delicate and soul-stirring sounds of the folk revival that swept through the UK in the ‘60s and ‘70s. In fact, her lilting voice and heartfelt lyrics are eerily close to the work of the late British songstress Sandy Denny, the highest compliment I could hand down to this brilliant artist. It’s little wonder then that she has gained a welcome audience in Europe, where she will be touring this coming fall. Now it’s time for folks in her home country to sit up and take notice."

"A delicate touch is a valuable asset in this noisy world"

“Rolling Stone (DE) 3 1/2 Stars : Allysen Callery's new album is recommended to the hearts of those folk friends who have a soft spot for the silent, wondrous, dreamy.The artist sings about the moon reflecting on the water, committed to walking in the early morning, sheds “tears over joy over the simplest things”. If flickering candlelight has a musical dimension : so it might sound.”

"While the hypnotic intertwining of Callery’s fancy finger-picking lulls you into a meditative state, it’s her petal-soft lilt that really does a number on your heart-strings, plucking them with the same fervor as she does her guitar. The music is stoic yet still yearningly bitter-sweet. The lyrics, poetic and steeped in country wisdom, relate stories of heartache seen through sadder-but-wiser eyes. The power isn’t only in the words themselves, but in they way they’re sung—in a melancholy, reverberating sean-nós style. Something tells me she could be singing in Swahili or Cantonese and anyone with ears would still have some idea of what she was singing about."(Will Barry)

"There is something sacred , eternal, in the music of Allysen Callery ."

" Callery’s style is enveloping, frail but surprisingly rich, her songs like castles in the air, all heaven and hiding places; the choruses alone give me chills."

"If I was to use a single word to describe the music of Allysen Callery, it would probably be “timeless,” although a more accurate way to frame her songs is to say they exist “outside of time.” I think that Allysen Callery is writing the ballads that future folklorists will call “classic.” Only time will tell."

"You have to be enthralled every time Allysen Callery performs with her guitar and angelic voice. She came up and wowed me once again, fitting the bill as being one of the top musicians in The Ocean State. "In The Ring", "Little Bird That Is Your Name", "Spare Parts", "In Your Hollow" and "Minnesota Sunrise" were my favorite songs from Allysen. Every note she plays and lyric she sings has a distinct meaning that's more than just music and words. Allysen also has an album out called Mumblin' Sue, another masterpiece from one of Rhode Island's best that you have to give a listen."

"This girl is a monster when it comes to fingerstyle guitar. She is just fantastic, taking a widely used playing style and really developing it into her own, very noticeable and very unique sound. Allysen Callery's voice is very distinct, almost from a different time and place. The writing also matches the mood of this track, its very pensive, slightly sorrowful, and a little, tiny bit gloomy. But it really conveys that feeling is such a successful way that it doesn't matter I am feeling a bit saddened, it just matters that Callery's writing is making me feel something."

"Portraying moments in fairytale brush strokes, Allysen Callery’s fifth release ‘Mumblin’ Sue’ is yet another new folk gem."

"Allysen Callery is a local treasure who clearly deserves wider recognition. Her new release Mumblin Sue, feels like a breakthrough album. Her finger-style guitar work is top notch. Her lyrics are just on the edge of surreal, slightly off center, and intensely passionate. Sounding a little like early Joni Mitchell, with a voice airy and mystical, she’s a fairy whisperer. But her words speak to the human experience."

"East Bay singer-songwriter-guitarist Allysen Callery returns with another must-hear gem in Mumblin' Sue (75orLess Records), the follow-up to the companion EPs Winter Island and The Summer Place. As expected, Callery's new full-length is nothing less than stellar. The alluring, angelic falsetto and engaging lyrics resonate through Allysen Callery's music more than ever, and a newfound love for (and expert proficiency on) steel strings provide a glowing backdrop for her starry night lullabies."

"Cloaked in magic, this collection will surely stand the test of time becoming a fireside favourite complete with those beloved crackles that become part of the whole listening experience. "(Simon Lewis)

“Winner of The Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll 2012 -Best Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter Act "Bristol-based songbird Allysen Callery constructs a unique mélange of psychedelic folk and starry night fairy tales, evidenced in her mesmerizing 2010 self-released full-length, Hobgoblin’s Hat, which garnered some international attention (through platforms like folkradio.co.uk). Choice cuts “Tiny Armageddon,” “Button Boots,” and the title track are indeed lullabies to paralyze; the sound is equal parts haunting and cozy. A Berlin-based label released Callery’s 2011 follow-up, the Winter Island EP, another set of stirring folk ballads, with her nylon stringed finger-plucking further complementing the ghostly vocals. "”

"Rhode Island singer-songwriter Allysen Callery recorded a live session at FMU recently, and this will be aired Saturday, October 1st. Her third release, “Winter Island”, from Woodland Recordings in Berlin, presents her singing and nylon-string guitar playing in beautiful, stark relief, and evokes much the same spirit of the great folk albums of the 1970s. Her songwriting, always poetic, has found an even deeper level, one that conjures not only the flavor of the UK and Irish folk revival but the magic of the old songs themselves. "

"Allysen Callery is a unique artist, that has everything to achieve a superior path. Her amazing voice makes us travel to unknown and dark places, but with a calm so special that we will want to remain there forever. Come listen to this talented voice and you’ll be stranded there ’till forever."

"Winter Island is a brand new EP out on Woodland Recordings. Allysen Callery crafts a fantastic, delicate, and magical world to live in through her songs. Her writing is influenced by many years spent as a poet in and around the ocean towns of Rhode Island. Winter Island, out now directly from the artist, is gorgeous and blissed out."

“Hobgoblin's Hat makes Providence Phoenix's 'Best discs of 2010' list: "Callery's finger-picking acoustic skills are trumped only by her gorgeous voice, and her poetic sophomore release (the follow-up to her '07 debut Hopey) is equal parts entrancing and beautiful. The first three songs ("Tiny Armageddon," "Jack Jumps Back" and the title track) lure the listener in, surefire lullabies to paralyze. If you still reach for the Mazzy Star disc once in a while, run out and grab Hobgoblin's Hat right now."”

“a tiny opening into an unknown world, snippets of almost macabre lyrics that seep through the instrumentation like the moonlight through rushes. “Button Boots” ’stiff as a board/light as a feather’ obviously alluding to witchcraft, where in “Jack Jumps Back” ‘bruised by the blush it was a rush of blood’ is a double edged image, innocent romance holding darker connotations. Marissa Nadler and Hope Sandoval are both strong vocal comparisons, and through channelling these Callery’s voice becomes both compelling and transfixing – in this sense Hobgoblin’s Hat is certainly an album to lose yourself in…if only for half an hour. -Folk Radio UK”

"Allysen Callery might be the Tim Burton of folk music, her dark songs often transporting us to somewhere otherworldly. Allysen Callery has one of those unmistakable voices, soft and sometimes child-like, supported by fingerpicked nylon string guitar. Her songs lurk about in that airy, brooding, immaginitive space of tigers and kings, the stuff of fairytales. Reminds me of fellow New Englander Marissa Nadler's songs. Highly recommended"

"If I tell you that Callery’s writing shows her love of fairy tales, I hope you won’t think of Disney movies. Callery knows that fairy tales are richer and stranger than that, and often darker. She conveys a sense of wonder in these songs. Callery also knows that fairy tales convey a full range of human emotions. Like the wonderful illustrations in the Andrew Lang fairy tale collections, Callery’s songs take you to another world. It’s not clear whether that world is within or without, nor should it be."

"There’s something magical about Allysen Callery’s new album. It has a dreamy quality that feels mysterious and bewitching. The opening tune, “Feathercap,” sounds somewhat like Sandy Denny, with a subtle soprano sweetness. In fact, a British folk influence permeates Hopey"