All You All / Press

“Best band in Bend, by far.”

Some Drunk Guy - attending one of our shows.

“Every time I've seen this young rock band in the last three years, they've gotten better. Expect big things in 2015.”

““ – Last but not least, local dance-rock band All You All put out its first EP, called “Fluorescence,” right around the turn of the year. I’m still letting this one sink in, but I definitely hear a little Modest Mouse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, White Denim and White Stripes in the band’s urgent, bouncy sound. Check the EP out below! (http://soundcloud.com/allyouall/sets/fluorescence-ep) Also, please note that five days into 2012, All You All is currently in the lead for best cover art of the year - ” From The Article: "Sights + sounds: Mosley Wotta, Laurel Brauns, All You All"”