Ally MacLeod / Press

“Great show Ally - one of my musical high spots of the year, particularly the finale - it was like 'Down From the Mountain' at the Opry - wonderful stuff”

Rob Ellen - Medicine Show Internet Radio

“Given the wealth of wonderful music that's been released this year, it's really quite amazing that an album by someone I'd never heard of before (sorry!) is almost certainly going to be my album of the year. If your voice ever has kittens, Ally, can I have one?”

Jim Welsh - Producer/Presenter - Leith Fm, Scotland

“'All the Wild Horses' will have you holding your breath, unwilling to disturb the reverie Ally weaves around you with her voice”

“Thank you. Beautifully intimate and heart felt.”

Theresa Sugars - Reverbnation

“Beautiful voice...soft and warm, get inside peoples heart”

Vittorio Gerlini - Reverbnation

“wow this is great music. Really well written songs, great recording, production and arrangements. Love your voice. Being a big fan of the Fairport Covention family of artists, your voice does the same thing for me as June Tabor's voice does, listening to every word. Great music Ally !!! ”

Lost City Band - Reverbnation

“Ethereal and radiant...your music takes the listener to another place. ”

Leslie Krafka - Reverbnation

“I love your sound, very haunting, very beautiful.”

Birgit Kuit - Reverbnation

“You have a lovely clear voice and great songs!”

Buskalaska - Reverbnation

“Surfing the REVERB charts…and I just visited your site. I’m playing and really enjoying your music. " Strange Comforts" is a terrific track of yours and I became your fan. ”

Pat Branch - Reverbnation

“Your voice is just delightful and your songs are beautiful. I'll most definitely be in the audience whenever you visit Edinburgh ”

Martin Lennon - Reverbnation