All This Huxley / Press

"Indie rockers All This Huxley know how to amp up the energy - like in 'Joe the Volcano' - but "can also dial it back - like the aptly titled, Two Feet in the Sand. The recording itself is masterful...the tones and precision are reminiscent of an act that has been at it for years."

"Winner - Original Music: For Superior Performance and Creative Excellence." - For the Record: Summer 2017.

"Based out of the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia indie rock band All This Huxley are noted by their beguiling riffs, genre-shifting playing and introspective lyrics as found on songs like the interesting “Comrade Winston Smith” from the band’s recently released eponymous debut. A unique aspect of the band is that each member – guitarists Trevor Serine and John Corcoran, bassist Alex Marlys and drummer Josh Mayer – alternate on lead vocals, and Serine and Corcoran switch spots on guitars from rhythm and lead throughout the album."

“Top Emerging Indie Artist - March, 2018”

“Chart Topping Indie Artists - May, 2018”