All or Nothing H.C. / Press

“Music on this split is excellent, with the snarls, screams, and fast instrumentals showcasing the passion and dedication for the causes that each band stands for.”

Sarah K. - Big Wheel Online Magazine

“All or Nothing H.C. frontwoman Renae Bryant comes at punk rock from a fiercely feminist, vegan and pacifist perspective, and she passionately decries anti-immigrant tea partiers ("Line in the Sand"), gives a shout-out to her hero Jack Kevorkian ("Death With Dignity") and offers hope for suicidal cutters ("Control the Inside Out") on Bring Me the Head of …, the Norco band's new split CD with Naked Aggression.”

Falling James - L.A. Weekly

“All or Nothing HC is a great band out of California. They have put on a lot of great shows, had some great recordings and have toured Europe. I recently got the band to tell their story...”

“This band sounds better each time I hear it live, and the crowd was excitedly eating it up. Yes, it’s hardcore in every sense of the word with hard, driving, fast beats providing the framework for overwrought, bellowed lyrics that usually mean something important. Each time the band gets tighter, seems to be more intently focused on its musical mission, and always has a set of devoted teens that shout the lyrics back at the band. During the surprisingly catchy song, “California is Bleeding,” my slightly inebriated friend Leah chided me for being irritated by the yelling because she simply could not get enough. “That chick is intense and you just can’t handle it.” “No, I just like it better when Renae sings” was my inaudible reply. My personal favorite is “Essential Freedoms”. Cool. Girl power. Positive message. Heavy energy. Nodes on vocal chords.”

“Local hardcore band All or Nothing HC is back for its first local shows since touring in Europe. They will be playing Sunday night at the Blood Orange Info Shop in Riverside. Santa Cruz band Corporate Cancer is also on the bill, along with two other bands. The show is all ages and supports the Blood Orange Info Shop and LadyFest IE. All or Nothing HC is also working on a split release (on vinyl and CD) with France's Conflict Maestria to come out in the summer and has more plans for local shows and a U.S. tour this year. ”