Allison RED / Press

“AWESOME LIVE BAND by xTheUnofficialx I highly recommend seeing them live. They have an awesome sound! This is a must have!!”

xTheUnofficialx - iTunes

“Just saw these guy in concert by modchaos They played at Trees in Dallas last night! Very impressed with the music and vocals on this album!”

by modchaos - iTunes

“Customer Reviews This is a new upcoming act that needs attention! by muzikfreak9807 You guys want awesome great hard rock music? Look no further! This brand new Texas based band is awesome!!! This is a must hear, and should not be overlooked!!! I can't wait to see what they bring in the future!!!”

muzikfreak9807 - iTunes

““This song is definitely a head thrasher. It does sound slightly pop-metal before the screaming tidbits but that just makes it more original than most artist. The guitar and drums compliment the tone of the song immensely. I don't see any necessary adjustments or recommendations for this artist.””

ReverbNation Review Panel

“Outright, the first part of the song was not only solid but just grabs you and throws you into the nearest blunt object. I was half expecting for something brutal to happen. I cannot stress enough the amount of character and sharp detail that the intro and general instrumentals started off with. The vocalists pitch range is broad and he successfully reaches them without any error. He managed to give a heavy, hardcore song a bit of an enjoyable and bouncy sound. The tempo remained consistent, & main melody in the chorus was actually quite memorable. I couldn't resist the temptation to sing along to if after hearing the line once or twice. It just gets stuck in your head. The vocalist successfully sings with passion and expression. The most impressive aspect of the song was the guitar, which on a multiple broke into a guitar solo. This made the song completely thrilling. The song was successfully put together and professionally recorded! This entire group has talent and commercial appeal”

ReverbNation Review Panel

“Every once in a great while, a band will emerge out of nowhere with a chemistry that not only meshes well, but produces ear candy continuously, with a sound that practically everyone seems to latch onto. Enter Allison Red, from Dallas, TX, with seasoned musicians such as guitarists Tracy Lane and Mark Stroface, bassist John Cruz, drummer Tony Aspero, and vocalist David McClanahan, to all of which were individually members of past popular local DFW bands, such as Angel N Irons, Seventh Veil, Blackwood Ave., Deaf Angel, Suicide Opera and Radio King. They collectively have vast experience, and all hold a consistently high standard of professionalism in their live shows, as well as their own brand of Rock N Roll. ”

D.D - Darkest Corners Productions

““Damn the Illusion”, track seven, is undoubtedly one of those songs that can be heard on any CD that one would hear and almost immediately consider to be the “hit single” on the disc. This tune has all the prerequisites for such a song; a contagious upbeat tempo with compelling instrumentals that’s easy to follow, and catchy melodies that stick in your head like molasses and stay there for a week. The video for this song had reached two thousand views in only three weeks since its’ debut (and still climbing), and can be seen on YouTube. ”

David Dunlevy - Brass Leaf Media