Allisong Smith / Press

“Wow, I really enjoyed these strong songs. You've got a good, conversational lyric tone, and I like the way you tweak your melodies by adding syllables and tacking on phrases so they don't sound predictable or typical. I think you have the kind of songwriting ability that could result in a lot of success.”

“The performance of 'Seasoned Traveler' is impeccably rendered, but what I find most intriguing is your voice, which seems wise beyond your years. This actually lends credence to your stylistic approach, which is obviously rooted in the long standing tradition of American roots music.”

“I listened to your song, "Spring Fling", and I think it is really a good song. It's done very professionally with a very good performance by you. Good job. You got that Alison Krauss thing.”

Rc Bannon - NSAI

“I enjoyed your songs. They have a very pure country theme with uniquely stylized vocals and smooth melodies.”

“Allisong Smith is a gifted songwriter who brings a unique, interesting and inspiring aspect to her performances. Her musical delivery is refreshing and her topics have a wide range. She’s appreciative, fun, determined and diligent. In my opinion, Allisong Smith will deserve every accolade she will surely garner in her career! ”

““You are one of my new favorite Indies in case you didn't know.””

"You are a breath of sunshine! Digging your tunes! :)"

““It's so refreshing to hear you sing because all the elements of the song are clear - your voice and your words.””

““Really dig it when an artist has their own sound such as you do. Very addictive vocal, feels great with your songs. Sweet production, instrumentation, and song arrangements. Love everything about these tracks.””

““I listened closely to the music. It's really great, very professional. You have a very interesting and individual sound. Your voice reminds me just a little of Rosie Flores. Your writing is definitely a cut above (maybe 2 cuts) above most of what I hear at songwriters meetings. Not to say that I'm such a hotshot, but I know good music when I hear it.””

“Old-Time Traditional Music Show”