Allison Gray / Press

“When Allison found me on twitter I decided to check out her music and was blown away by what I heard. Good solid pop soul with hint of adult contemporary tunes that deliver both catchy and beautiful ballads that are so well written and sung and produced. It was unbelievable. The EP could be very much of the most perfect EP I've heard in a long time where every song is just so good and they all sit alongside each other nicely.Her vocals are on fire here as her songwriting and lyrics. This girl is incredible, one of the most exciting artists I have heard in a long time. She can sing and write such amazing tunes, she should be on top of the world and I reckon she will. This release blew me away and I can feel she going to be a star. You need this now...Full review at link”

“Allison Gray is a very talented young woman. She’s recently released her EP “Off My Mind”, which is a collection of some well-written and emotion-inducing tracks. Her single, “Break Me” has an amazing video and is really just a solid solid conveying emotions that we’ve all experienced at one time or another. I thought each of these tracks were well done, and each deserves a really solid listen. Her music is very pop meets folk, with calm instrumentation to really let the vocals shine. So with that said, give her a listen and enjoy!”

“We live in an unprecedented era of music and musicians. Currently, it is not so common that an artist can enjoy a modest amount of commercial success, and still have such a genuine air of approachability. And yet, this could certainly be said of one of the best singer/songwriters we have come across lately. Allison Gray has enjoyed both the independent dream success of being widely viewed on her YouTube channel as well as having music featured in major television network programing (such as NBC, MTV and Lifetime). Her songs are consistently sweet and heartbreaking, masterfully arranged with a voice that cuts like a diamond stiletto heel. The EP being discussed here is titled: “Off My Mind,” available on Amazon and ITunes respectively. The album features a total of six beautifully created songs that are melancholy, but at the same time have a surprisingly energetic quality to them... For full review see the link below”

“Gray’s, “Be Bad,” is a funky, guitar and horn driven song that warns good girls to stay away from bad boys. It’s tight rhythm and poignant lyrics draw you in as Gray’s passionate voice drives the melody.”

“Harsh.TV Does An Exclusive Interview with The Very Lovely Singer/Songwriter Alison, We talk Inspiration, Current Music Projects, Fashion style and Where does Alison see herself in 5 years time. Find Out Enjoy!”

“Off My Mind is a hell of a way for Allison Gray’s musical career to start. Apart from the interesting musical arrangements — which range from jazzy numbers to pop, from soulful ditties to rock — Gray mesmerizes with pitch-perfect vocal performances (and the harmonies are astounding at times) and insightful lyrics that dive into the heart of relationships and matters of the heart. This one is a stunner, and Gray is an artist you need to acquaint yourself with. “Be Bad” starts things off with a funky, jazzy cautionary tale to another girl about respecting herself enough to look for better guys than the players she’s been hanging around. The groovy R&B of “Best Love” talks about how a guy has missed out on the best thing in life by chasing after a hundred other people and things. “Break Me” is a soulful number that employs a simple beat before gradually adding orchestral backing, guitars and angelic background singers...For full review see the link below ”

“Indie Singer/Songwriter Allison Gray is a superstar in the making. She sings and performs with such passion and heart that her music is a sure win. I love her vocal and smart & sexy lyrics. One of my favorite tracks is titled ‘Be Bad” that clearly shows the musical talents of this musician. Want to learn more about Allison Gray? Check out this ultra cool spotlight and find out. Enjoy!”

“It’s not every day that other musicians and their management recommend artists that they’re currently listening to for airplay, etc. on WomensRadio. This week’s Featured FEMMEP3 comes from an artist who was unofficially solicited to us by another musician’s management (a BIG fan, naturally) just days after having made our first connection (thank you Sonicbids!). Her name is Allison Gray and her song, “Off My Mind” is a juicy pop-flavored musing that will have our listeners listening on repeat. With vocals that could melt the most snow-capped of mountains and enough songwriting sensibility to take on a lifetime of pupils, Allison is one of the HOTTEST up-and-coming artists we recommend watching throughout 2011.”

“Fresh off the release of her debut EP, Off My Mind, Allison is inspired by several of the same things that many songwriters are, and she has found an audience to relate to her lyrical honesty and emotional melodies. Stray away from committing her to one genre, because Allison has a nice blend of pop, rock, soul and jazz. Her journey has been brewing since she was just three years old, sitting down to take her first piano lesson. Like so many of us, music took over her life and became the stronghold that kept her grounded during her sometimes rocky formative years. Allison has been trained in opera, ballet, vocal jazz, musical theatre and pop music and one performance of “The National Anthem” brought invitations from Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and later Beneroya Hall in Seattle, where she landed for a while, and all this before she graduated high school. She’s now based in L.A., where she’s teamed up with producer Marc Jordan to produce Off My Mind.”

“Watch out Sara Bareilles and Tori Amos! There’s a new sexy piano diva on the rise, and her name is Allison Gray. With the release of Off My Mind she has established herself as an artist to watch. Make sure to check out the tracks “Change” and “Be Bad.””

“Every once in a while an artist comes along that really has it all. The look, the voice, and the ability to write songs that speak to the soul. Intoducing: Allison Gray, an artist who has been wowing audiences in Los Angeles for the past year, and is now ready to take the world by storm with ther debut release “Off MY Mind.” Listeners will love her emotional honesty and her ability to put you right in the situation with her lyrics. Stand out tracks are “Break Me” and “Off My Mind. Head on over to iTunes and download Allison’s EP Off My Mind.”

“Allison Gray is an LA-based Singer/Songwriter influenced by artists like Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and Fiona Apple to create a unique style of pop/rock infused with soul & funk. Her vocals are arresting and impeccably executed, full of fire and grace. Wth star power like hers, it's hard to believe she ever hung around behind the scenes. But Allison worked with big-name artists as a writer and session singer for several years before coming into her own as an artist. With a batch of amazing new studio recordings and a killer look, it is clear that the spotlight is where Allison Gray belongs.”