All In Gents / Press

"All In Gents hail from the musical Mecca known as Stillwater, OK. I was drawn to this band because it wasn't rehashed 'red dirt' but rather a cool new blend of rock and roll. Great hooks and jams. They are a light out the ordinary darkness and a favorite of mine."

Mike McClure - Mike McClure Band

"AIG proves to me that the Stillwater music scene is in good hands. It is honest, gritty, heartfelt music! It's great to see hard working musicians still fighting thru the trenches."

Jerry Payne - Periscope Music Group

"All In Gents is the hottest band on the Alternative Rock scene with a unique sound of their own and talent to spare. They are a force to be reckoned with. They do Oklahoma proud!"

Boyce Rogers - The Mix 105.1

"I've watched these boys work there fingers to the bone to play this game. And it shows. I for one can't wait to see what the future holds for the All in Gents."

Chad Sullins - of Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition

"Their new CD, 'The Sauce(d)' consists 10 cuts of alternative rock that should perfectly suit the club patron who prefers the driven electric sound of a youth on the move."

Rick Reiley - The Corridor