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“Allie Lauren - Think I'm Somethin' (Sunday Twilight Concert Series, Oklahoma City) video”


“Listening to @allieLtweets here in Bentonville- check her out! http://Allielauren.com”

“Sometimes I interview people and I just think, wow! @allieLtweets is one of those people (‏@TianaS_Parry)”

“Video: Allie Lauren “Think I’m Somethin’” Check out the official video for “Think I’m Somethin’” by Allie Lauren, an Oklahoma City-based indie/pop/jazz collaborative featuring the alluring emotional vocals of singer-songwriter Lauren {pronounced luh-REN} Nicole Clare and an eclectic mix of backing artists. “Think I’m Somethin’” is from Allie Lauren’s debut album “Tales of a Glass Heart,” released last fall. Allie Lauren will play live Feb. 2 at the Picasso Cafe in the Paseo Arts District. For more information, go to www.picassosonpaseo.com.”