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Allianza was born in Laurel, Maryland in 1996. She started singing at the age of three and was writing short stories at the age of five and soon thereafter, she began writing poetry. Through her creativity, she developed a passion for writing songs, and she would practice daily to memorize her songs so that she could perform in front of her family.
As the years went by, Allianza's mother saw her daughter's natural talent develop as well as Allianza's dedication to her craft. At the age of 10, her mother decided to test Allianza's gift and expand her musical talent by buying her a keyboard. Allianza taught herself to play as it gave her another channel to develop her music writing. Her first song written on the keyboard was called ‘Too Late.' Her main influences at this age were Amy Lee of Evanescence, Alicia Keys, and Pink. Allianza says that lyrics have always been her most creative expression because words can always depict emotion to the listener, despite the music involved with it.
To challenge her limits even further, Allianza got her first guitar when she turned 13. Allianza was fearless as she taught herself to play another instrument. Allianza experienced heartache and pain during this time due to her parent's divorce. She found it hard to explain how she was feeling in normal conversation, but it was always so easy to write a song that expressed her emotions. Even though her vocal and musical talents became her "coping mechanism", she was determined to stay focused and devoted to her craft.
Allianza met her producer, D' Aceman Johnson, when she was 14, and he immediately recognized her talent and potential to be a successful music artist. Since then, they have worked relentlessly in the studio to start making her dream of being a singer, a reality. With the help and mentoring of D' Aceman Johnson, Allianza has continued to develop her talents. In addition, she has done three years of School Open Mic Performances, she had a supporting role in a school play titled, "The Man Who Came to Dinner", participated in School Talent Shows, and performed at various receptions and social events.
Allianza's sound is a fusion of Pop, R & B, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. Her sound is found to be captivating to her listeners. Her creative concept to her music is more than just an emotional outlet, but a means for her to showcase her passion for music. Her dream is to move people through song and to develop a fan base that will connect with her music. Allianza says she has been blessed with the gift of music, but it is not her own. It is to be shared with all who will listen, and maybe, she will be able to help someone or save a life, like music has saved hers.

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