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“ALLEN HERMAN | "OUT OF THE BOX" There’s a wide variety of moods and colors on this solo drum improvisation CD, and Allen Herman’s approach to the nontemporal material is full of freedom and conviction. Herman, who was Billy Martin’s first teacher, works his cymbals and toms musically, telling a story with an arc and leaving the meaning for us to decide. (amuletrecords.com) Reprinted by permission of Modern Drummer Publications, Inc © 2012 www.moderndrummer.com”

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"LIFE ON DRUMS" First of all it should be understood that this DVD is not just for drummers. There is an underlying philosophy here that might be simply called a commitment to creativity. In that sense, this film could be for anyone, but it is certainly for all musicians and not just drummers. The bulk of the feature is a conversation between drummer Billy Martin, best known for his part in the band Medeski Martin and Wood (MMW) and his first drum instructor, Allen Herman. Herman was a session player and was in the core rock group for Jesus Christ Superstar. Having studied with Joe Morello, he comes from the George Lawrence Stone Stick Control tradition. This is a great dialogue, which will resonate with creative people in general and musicians in particular. They cover a lot of ground but central to the talk is cultivating individuality through improvisation.

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“Billy Martin's Life on Drums DVD Garners 2011 Park City Film Music Festival's "Silver Medal for Excellence" LOS ANGELES, CA - Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Alfred Music Publishing, is proud to announce Billy Martin’s Life on Drums DVD—from composer and director Billy Martin (Medeski Martin & Wood) and executive producer Allen Herman—award win of the “Silver Medal for Excellence” in the Music Documentary category at the 8th Annual Park City Film Music Festival. The DVD from Vongole Films, distributed by Alfred Music Publishing, takes an intimate look inside the art of drumming and creating music from the ears, eyes, and hands of renowned percussionist and educator Billy Martin. “Life on Drums is about the art of drumming and percussion, and my concepts, methods, and philosophy of what is important. I’m trying to be as honest and sincere as I am about who I am and what I’m trying to say, and then demonstrate how these philosophies can be used,” commented Martin on his n”

“I received a copy of Billy Martin's latest DVD Billy Martin's Life on Drums in the mail a few weeks ago, throughly enjoyed watching it several times now and have decided to attempt a humble review. Billy Martin is a very unique and creative drummer that I've enjoyed for some time and who is probably best known for his work with the acclaimed trio Medeski, Martin and Wood. The DVD is sort of an instructional drum DVD, but not really (!) as it doesn't resemble any other drum DVD in any classic sense. Instead the whole production is beautifully shot and produced more like a contemporary documentary that features a dialogue between Martin and his first drum teacher Allen Herman with several solo performances featuring Martin and Herman interspersed throughout. There are also several percussion ensemble pieces featured as well. But don't get wrong, there is a ton of great and useful information here presented in a unique manner.”