All Consumed / Press

“Proof that gloriously simple death metal can still be a heckle-raising experience in 2015, All Consumed’s debut is an all consuming experience. Unrefined, unfettered and un-f*cking-believably savage. 8/10”

“This record is a dark and menacing piece of work, with no pretensions to virtuosity, and is, consequently, a highly listenable record. Repeat spins do it no harm, either, making it a cacophonous pleasure, and an essential keeper for all curators of eclectic, heavy, audio libraries. All hail the No World Order!”

“Never let it be said that we at TBFM aren’t dedicated to bringing you the latest music from the best independent bands – All Consumed’s album is soooo exclusive there isn’t even an official release date yet! If you were unfortunate enough to miss “No World Order” being played in full on TBFM’s Brutal Assault recently, you’ll have to wait until Autumn-ish to claim a copy for your very own. If you have the patience, it will be worth the wait. Riding on the wave of a clutch of positive reviews following their aural destruction of the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock 2014, the band have channelled as much brutality and aggression into their debut album as anyone could reasonably muster. The result is pure, undiluted extreme metal that will shatter your core.”

“The only warning you’ll get is the four cymbal crashes that start the first song. After that it’s full on brutality that will make your heart race and your body move. There are only five songs on this EP but they’re all amazing, they’re all heavy as fuck and they’re all destined to get heavy rotation on my iPod. As usual, though, my main source of disappointment is that this isn’t a full length album. Just when my neck starts to adjust to the manic headbanging the music ends. DAMN YOU ALL CONSUMED!!! WHY MUST YOU TEASE ME LIKE THIS??? Seriously, send me more songs. You guys kick ass.”

“Closing proceedings for Saturday on the New Blood Stage was Preston’s All Consumed. Over on the main stage Carcass was drawing a huge crowd for their set and frustratingly once again we were left with the disappointing sight of All Consumed having to play for just a handful of people. Not that you would have noticed as they produced another astonishingly proficient display of down tuned, angry metal accompanied by savage growling from vocalist Rob. This was a fine performance, full of power and a hint of melody in amongst the brutality. I can only hope that they will draw a few more people in on future gigs as judging by this set, they could well attract a lot more interest given the right circumstances.”

“Bloodstock New Blood Stage ’closer’ for Saturday night, All Consumed, arrive next, filling the room with filthy groove-laden death metal. It’s probably a good job the windows are open as All Consumed would surely have blown them out with this performance. There’s a drum-beat that’s so catchy it demands a tapped foot and a nodded head, but in the blink of an eye it turns destructive as the Grind kicks in. If the local abattoir had a bar, then All Consumed would be the house band; and if Messrs Walker, Steer, et al aren’t shitting themselves about playing against this lot in a fortnight then they should start now.”

“Preston might not have a reputation as a hotbed of extreme heavy music but local lads, All Consumed are out to change that. Formed two years ago by Rob (Vocals), Darren (Guitar) and Joe (Bass), all veterans of the local music scene, the trio began writing material with a drum machine before recruiting a human in the form of Dave. Having spent a year honing their sound – an aggressive fusion of old-school, grinding death metal & urgent thrashing rhythms – and building a steady profile on the live circuit, the quartet now find themselves in the regional final of Metal to the Masses, a nationwide Battle of the Bands contest which places the winners on the New Blood Stage at the Bloodstock open air festival in August. Co-writer & bassist Joe said: “We, and no doubt the other acts involved, are grateful for this opportunity and the exposure this event provides. “Whether we win or not, we have gained experience and encouragement from it.””

“With six bands on it needed an early start and people were still arriving when Preston’s All Consumed (below) started the wrecking ball rolling. At least with the tight playing space it gives a good gathering up front. I know some of these guys of old, and though this a relatively new project from them it gets into its stride from the off. Superbly heavy death metal vibes, but with a real urgent chugging pace, puts me in mind of Asphyx or Sinister. Plenty of variety in their structure keeps the impact high.”

“Openers All Consumed got the night off to a fantastic start. To say that their frontman Rob had a great set of vocal chords on him was an understatement and his voice had a tremendous amount of power behind it, which really lent itself well to the heaviness of the songs. It was an engaging performance – I particularly liked it when there was a dual vocal attack from Rob and guitarist Darren – and it really got the pace going for the night. All Consumed really did themselves proud with their set and it was an engaging performance from the four-piece.”