Allan Benoit / Press

“Hey fellow artists , i am happy to say that my eye sight has gotten a bit better and i am now able to get around RN and also able to read most of those catchcha words. now i will be able ,for the most part be able to respond to you in the future.Thank you all so very much for your understanding . ...”

allan benoit - myself

“hey fellow artist and fans. plz. understand that i really do want to respond to any and all emails sent to by you...i am blind to the point of not being able to read the spamcatcha scramble so i can not send a message right now,working on a fix for this problem and i promise as soon as this issue id taken care of i will be responding to all your messages.til then know that i care very much and look forward to talking to you all soon.peace,love and light...ab”

allan benoit