Tomas / Press

“Tomas has an amazing voice. The chorus is attention getting. I love it!”

“Discordant jazzy house is the theme with this mad tune from the US of A. Tomas is the artist and "Day We Lost Our Love" is the track. The vocals are excellent and the bass is fat - in fact the track is a well written piece all round.”

“The music is great and his voice is awesome. I like the way he speaks about serious stuff in dance music. I recommend the CD to anyone who likes dance music or music for that matter. Can't wait to hear his new CD.”

“The production quality is professional and it is apparent that Tomas knows his way around the studio.”

“I have become a fan of Tomas exclusively through this site. Get It Together takes on politics! His voice continue to amaze me.”

Mike Andrews - Recording Artist

“Everyone should get this Single (Get It Together)! Ain't nothing like good music that speaks the truth!”

“Hey Tomas, I'm in love with you man. When are you moving to LA so we can get married. Oooppss can't do that here anymore. LOL! No matter. Come to LA! Do LA Pride!”

Michael Wheaton - Fan

“I know Tomas because he came and spoke at our school. I was a fan of his one man shows but now I'm a fan of his music too. This guy is awesome.”

Jimmy Roperfield - Fan