Aliver Hall / Press

"Aliver Hall . . . specializes in the sort of rock that you’d love to drink a beer and chillax to."

"Emanating from a jam-band aesthetic..."

"Aliver Hall . . . is quickly gaining attention in Northeast Ohio for its jam-band ways . . . [c]erebral stuff indeed."

“. . . Aliver Hall should be technically classified as a jam band . . . Their improv solos have a rock n' roll feel that flows with the laid back, yet in-your-face, melodic harmonies, licks and guiding percussion that pays tribute to the summer of the 60s . . . On the album, each instrument is well-balanced; no one is overshadowed by another. Each musician has talent and is showcased in their solos, something that is often rare in today's music scene. . . Lead singer and songwriter, Alex Hall, has a strong rock voice that can best be described as John Fogerty meets Lenny Kravitz. Hall's simple but poetic lyrics soften up the listener, allowing them to be easily sucked into the music. You'll catch yourself bobbing your head to this EP. . . With a grasp on today's music culture while still mindful of the music of the classic bands before them, Aliver Hall should be considered up-and-coming.”

E.M. Serensky - Buzzbin Magazine: The What to Do Paper (Akron * Canton * Cleveland)

"The first band to play, Aliver Hall from Akron, greeted the crowd with an eclectic mix of energetic jam pop rock that hinted at its classical influence playing a resonating cover of “Dear Prudence” I won’t soon forget."