A Little Affair / Press

“A Little Affair helps to make this December a month to celebrate, especially for us radio-weary listeners (anyone up for some more of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You"? Or perhaps another replay of that song about the kid who wants a hippopotamus for Christmas? No? I thought not). With songs like "Carol of the Bells", a winter classic, made fresh like newly fallen snow, it's easy to get that Santa spirit back. Soothing vocals make A Little Affair's cover of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" something to listen to while curled up on a sofa with a blanket around you and a mug of cinnamon-sprinkled hot chocolate. The gentle but steady rhythm of the acoustic guitar softens the song into a tune that fills you up with a kind of warmth that can only be felt when holding the one you love. All of the profits, and I mean 100% of them, goes to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. Good cause + good music = good decision.”

“As a part of their upcoming album, New Jersey’s A Little Affair would like to give you a preview with you their track, December, which resembles earlier stylings of The Get Up Kids and Saves the Day. With the hardships that the universe throws at us, the band’s trio decided to follow their dreams and compose such heartfelt music filled with emotions. Give em’ a listen and let them win over your hearts.”

“I had a fantastic experience listening to A Little Affair in its entirety! The band’s musical style is very soothing – regardless of the songs’ subject matter. I found myself frequently asking myself if I was a seriously disturbed individual for feeling eerily calm listening to most of A Little Affair’s tracks. I suppose great music does wonders for the soul, even when it doesn’t really make sense. Who knew you could be in a good mood listening to a song about a crazy chick burning down your house? “What Are You So Afraid Of?” is one of my personal favorites from the album. The guitar riffs are powerful in their simplicity, the story that Hughes’ lyrics create is compelling (all of the lyrics on the album are credited to Hughes), and the vocals are solid. As an album that virtually anyone can pick up and enjoy, A Little Affair is well worth the purchase and was certainly an amazing listening experience. Great work, guys! ”

“Acoustic guitar driven and emotive vocals propel the sound down a Folk-Rock, kind of Americana road. The tracks for all their instrumental glory and driving forward, tend to be mid-tempo or even mellow in a good way. Not sissy-pants odes for the Vampire Diaries with sculpted hair and white make-up, but the stuff of life and some heart-break. This album lands where most of us live; with equal parts hope, despair and some searching and reflection on what makes this whole show tick. Let’s just hope that the guys of “A Little Affair” come to my neck of the woods before too long.”

“Darling, which is unfortunately only three songs, sounds like they were once a punk band that decided to chill out. Listening to the EP makes me awfully curious to see them live, in hopes that they turn the rock dial up a tad bit. Regardless, I dig it. See for yourself below, and don't forget to download it if you like what you hear!”

“I usually do not like Indie Pop, but man these guys are different. A very smooth, very easy listening sound that puts me in a good mood. I really like what these guys stand for; the whole follow your dreams and nothing will get in your way kind of attitude. I have faith in this band and im excited to see what direction they take in the future. Of course they are unsigned just like all of the other talented musicians out there, but we'll see what happens in the future. Check them out and listen to them on their myspace page.”

“The music of ‘A Little Affair’ is called indie-rock, but it does tend more towards the rock-pop side of the equation from my perspective. Messrs. Hughes, Buzby and Cochran are talented men as you will discover by listening to their freely available EP at www.alittleaffairmusic.com. You must watch some of the videos and you will discover further their talent and influences on these cover tunes. This trio may be trying to find their way, employment wise, in this troubled and sad economy, but here is hoping that they keep crafting songs in their quest to understand what makes life tick and has true meaning and importance, after all. You got to see the Glen Hansard cover on the YouTube vid below. Awesome vocal and emotional intensity on this hard charging number. These guys have a gift that I’m just dying for them to set free more often at that level. The three offerings on Darling show that they have the musical ability and creativity to make thoughtful and engaging songs.”

“Overlooking the farm fields in the heart of Salem County, melodic rock trio A Little Affair’s recording studio seems a bit out of place in the country. With enough equipment to record their own radio-quality CDs, instruments galore and top-of-the-line technology, one would expect to look out the window and see skyscrapers, not corn fields. The new single, “Darling,” will be available shortly as a free download on the band’s website, and they also plan to record a three-song EP for distribution at live shows. With the new CD on the way, a new website and new merchandise, A Little Affair is turning a corner in their career. “We’re going to be a whole new band soon,” Buzby concluded. For more information about A Little Affair and to hear their music, visit www.alittleaffairmusic.com. ”

“A Little Affair, a New Jersey based Indie Pop/Rock trio takes full advantage of the niche identity of music today. One of the most recognizable qualities about the songs on their new up and coming album is that the songs all tease at something much grander. Almost all the songs on the album have a delightful uptempo flair to them. It's the kind of music where once you hear it enough times, it makes you want to get to know the guys. It's the kind of music that can easily turn you into a fan. Most of all, what I like is that every song sounds unique and authentic. It's their sound. The music has personality and verve. Just what you need to lead a small tribe today.”

““For a debut album, Find Your Light is undeniably promising, if not ultimately impressive. The band is well intentioned with a definite drive, and it’s hard to pigeonhole them into any particular ‘scene’ because of the left-turns they make, and the overall maturity of their music"”