Alisa Coral's Neutron Star & Frozen Fields / Press

"Unlike many new age artists who aspire to capture the mysteries of the universe with sweeping layers of sampled string instruments, Alisa Coral’s combination of analog and digital synthesizers provide a texture of ominous drones, eerie modulating echoes, washes of ambient soundscapes, and sequenced blips and beeps to give a trancelike heartbeat and Voice to the expanding galaxy."

Joseph Shingler - ProgNaut

“Neutron Star is a solo project from Russian musician Alisa Coral who plays an image inducing brand of space electronica. The CD consists of two lengthy excursions and four shorter tracks. The music is like a combination of early Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, and the work of experimental sound sculpture artists, though there's nothing abstract to be found here. It's completely in space but Alisa clearly has prog rock influences as well. The music sails steadily along like a spacecraft on a steady course, but Alisa's flair for thematic development reveals some of the adventures and challenges the ship and it's occupants face as they move through their journey from Eos to the Neutron Star. Alisa does an excellent job of creating a cold dark atmosphere and painting a slowly evolving cosmic landscape among the stars.”

Jerry Kranitz - Aural Innovations

"Neutron Star" ...a simply fabulous CD of ‘real’ space synths music, featuring two lengthy tracks and three shorter tracks, and all of it absolutely superb. Played and produced in a top quality manner, the album sets the scene before moving onto the two epic tracks... In all, a fine debut album.

Andy Garibaldi - CD Services