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The best and most troublesome recording artist in the music industry.

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With no regard for pop conventions, the American singer, songwriter, fighter, producer and real life superhero, has been extremely self-controlled in terms of her artistic presentation: two full length albums self-funded yet unreleased of diverse, impressive, songs; a few performances; training with the best boxers in the world. But also self-controlled in her voice, both speaking and singing; full of emotional force and rigorous intent, extraordinary and rafter-shaking, gutsy and street-hardened elegance.

She is chairman and president of THE APPS ORGANIZATION®. Apps is the next generation of live performers - one that is raising the bar in the top-tier music experience with a level of live entertainment unrivaled in the market today.

Bookings and investments can be made at http://www.AlisaApps.com or by calling (310) 307-9119. Investors with questions about funding offerings should contact info@alisaapps.com or call (310) 307-9119. THE APPS ORGANIZATION® is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV 89169. Connect with ALISA APPS on Facebook and Twitter.

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Alisa Apps
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Experimental / Pop Rock / Soul

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Las Vegas, NV