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aliensporebomb / Press

"I posted a link to your reverbnation on my facebook with this description: one minute he's doing electronic dance meets tripped out surf rock, next he's doing downtempo trip-hop-esque lounge meets experimental ambient, and then he's doing slow-paced instrumental space rock with cosmic and pink floyd-esque undertones. this guy not only makes great, but his ability to play a vast variety of styles and mix and match them together almost reminds me of someone like John Zorn or Bill Laswell. Enjoy!"

"I'm a guitar player and I have to say that the way you approach the guitar is just mindblowing to me!! The textures and soundscapes you create sound just so big & epic.. keep up the great work. You're an inspiration for me !!"

"Being a Scott Henderson fan I jumped on this. Sounds wicked. I really enjoy the bass and the ambient sounds. The way you nail the changes is killer. The Distorted guitar is dis-GUSTING!!! lol in a good way. I love how it just rolls in and phrases in and out of the progression like a molten slinky"

"Wonderfully beautiful! The volume swells sound to me like sunrise, the guitar chords like the light glinting on mountain tops."

“3 words: buy this record! Great, great stuff. Thanks for reviving my faith in v-guitar!"”

"Very killer guitar and substantive compositions! Hearing Morse, DiMeola, Holdsworth, Fripp, but this is unique and awesome."

"Caught halfway between Joe Satriani and Daft Punk, "Life" is a heavily electronic inspired epic rock-ish tune; the melodic work is magnificent.."

“Aliensporebomb has here created a song quite capable of showing everybody else that electronic music is as genuine and fresh as the original acoustic music its inspiration originated from.”

“This Aliensporebomb music is just splendid... taking..ambient guitar music in different sonic directions.”

Frank Smith of band "Sills & Smith", Ottawa, Canada - Salutation

"'Life' is certainly original. It's a fusion of electronica and rock and has that exotic alien birth giving vibe to it.".."The sounds are dynamic..and there's some pretty impressive playing of guitars and drums too.

“Takes me back around 40 years to the wonderful analog days. Great piece. (on "After Sleeping").”

"You don't know it yet, but you're a healer"

"You are unique. I'm not bored for a moment..I am transported.. awesome. Love track one the most. Keep it up!"

Eva Murphy, Harpist - Private e-Mail

“Kudos for posting your lovely spatial immensity! Let's get ethereal! Shades of Kitaro, Gilmour and Eno.”

"..There was a visual disconnect in seeing a guitar and hearing what I'd normally associate from a Korg synthesizer coming out...."

-Patron - Eye of Horus

"...trippy and spacey..." "..relaxing and meditative.."

-Patron - Eye of Horus

"...a one man Pink Floyd..."

-Patron - Eye of Horus

"For those who have not heard this..... DO SO! It is wonderful. Go, what are you waiting for? Shoooo, go, go download and listen, now!""

Mike Verderosa - Harmony Central

"...way more ethereal than I expected, totally took me by surprise. Dug the recklessness..a lot."

Ed DeGenaro - Fretless Guitar Proponent and THD Expert

"nice and inventive melodic lines and cool rock tone.... prodigious chops..."

Aeolian - Gearpage.net

"Very great guitars!"

Basan - David Renelt

"..serious and legit fusion chops on display....the phrasing is organic and on the edge rather than exercise-based..."

Infinite Ego - ˈsīkōˌpämp

"Excellent mood-enhancing music that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat.."

Infinite Ego - sīkōˌpämp

"Pretty cool stuff man, loved that galaxy tune."

Sonik - Superevil.tv

"Really cool super enjoyable music... and hell it's even got heaping piles of fun, hopped up guitar too. So if you haven't heard the bomb, what are you waiting for?"

Dan Stearns - Microtonal Composer and Guitarist

"It's kind of like if Holdsworth played on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.....great great."

Ken Rubenstein - Composer and indendent recording artist

"Todd, your $h1t kills."

Ken Rubenstein - Composer and Independent Recording Artist

"You never fail to craft lush, engaging "sights" for the ears and mind,and your guitar playing is distinctly unreal.. "

chrish - GtrOblq

"With David Gilmour-esque classic rock guitar god style, asb's soaring guitar riffs give a much more transcendent and impressive feel to ... this recording."

Gods of Music

"Your sounds: Great Stuff Aliensporebomb! I'm enjoying your music"

John Goodsall (Guitarist Brand X/Fire Merchants) - Unsolicited e-mail

"Thank God somebody gets it! I like your stuff."

Chuck Hammer - Guitarist for David Bowie "Ashes to Ashes" - Unsolicited E-Mail

"Mike Keneally does Blue Oyster Cult?"

ChrisH - GtrOblq forum