Alien Skin / Press

“Have you ever listened to music so dark, so gloomy and morose that you got up to see if the sky was black? I found myself doing this with The Unquiet Grave.”

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc - Twisted Dreams Magazine

“Musically, take the most intimate Depeche Mode tunes, add some Marc Almond influence on vocals, shake and serve cold... This alien never sounded more human than this to me.”

“Let me say what a wonderful song 'After the Funeral' is. I enjoyed working on its remix.”

Jeff Stoddard (Roughhausen/FrontLine Assembly) - FaceBook

“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you pick up a copy of 'The Unquiet Grave' immediately. In Alien Skin, George heads away from the more Pop sound of Real Life, into a far darker and more musically intimate environment. He combines Ambient, Trance, Goth, and Synthpop elements all into one unique sound that is instantly memorable.”


“Dear George, you did a lovely remix job on my 'Hear in Noizeville'.....very very nice”

Steve Kilbey (The Church/band) - MySpace

“DON'T OPEN TILL DOOMSDAY shows what a true artist can do with knowledge, experience and most of all talent in the world of alternative electronica. The silky vocals that accompany many of the tracks lure you to truly listen to the darkly erotic and sensual trance of lyrics and music.”

“Alien Skin is music for astronauts, aliens and all marginal beings living at the frontiers”

Lee Kwo

“George Pappas’ voice is like refined ice and I have never in my life heard such shadowed decadence. Does the rest of the world know about that voice? If not, they should…you can get lost in his voice alone which honestly is like ice-spun silk, smooth and completely natural. ”

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc - Twisted Dreams Magazine

“It is rare to find a true original, but in Alien Skin's contemplative dubby electronica, we may just have done that. Listen and be converted.”

BeatWire Press

“Alien Skin music has an odd character, sometimes sensual and earthly, other times it's like a lone abandoned spaceship floating in the immensity of space. The voice constitutes the organic component while the electronic ambience and rhythms are melancholic & cold, opaque in contrast.”

“Alien Skin is a fascinating debut solo project for an equally fascinating artist. His debut album will definitely satisfy fans and aficionados of darkwave and synth pop alike. The more you listen to it, the more revealing and terrifying it becomes...which, for this album, is indeed a compliment.”

“Any album that you need to listen over and over again, not just cause it's a great listen, but also to find the hidden treasures that you maybe didn't hear the first time, is easily worth the measly $10 for this piece of art”

"Don't Open Till Doomsday has many moods but there's a lovely melancholia running throughout the set. George utilizes his vast synth expertise to create really interesting and unique synth sounds and textures, then adds his own haunting & evocative vocals to complete the Alien Skin sonic experience"

“Songs like 'Razor Arms', 'For Always' & 'Gloomy Sunday' are chilled pieces of dark bedsit listening. The eponymous 'Alien Skin' with a female voice repeating the phrase 'the stranger within, alien skin' is a cold piece of spacey atmosphere building to an ethereal climax”

“Alien Skin offers the listener an almost 45-minute trance like journey. His invitation to participate in it is especially aimed at people who sort of live on the edge, like melancholics, weirdoes and all those astral freaks. His 10 tracks will suffice to make all of them feel home.”

“Worlds of past and future submerged; brought to the present for our enjoyment, a gift, if you will, from singer, songwriter, and composer George Pappas, of Alien Skin; a true original too be cherished...Beguiling vocals smooth and rich, emotionally uplifting and drenched with sensuality.”

“A very enjoyable collection of subtly understated and carefully executed synthpop tracks that veers between melancholic ballads and more upbeat dance numbers, the debut of Alien Skin seems strangely titled, when really it should be opened and heard soon without further delay!”

“Alien Skin's soundscapes on Don't Open Till Doomsday are wonderfully moody and his excellent vocals capture the best of Depeche Mode's Martin Gore without sounding like a clone. Mid-tempo, ethereal, hypnotic aural goodness which I can not recommend enough.”