Alien Inquisition / Press

“Alien Inquisition’s The Virgin might have been released in 2010, but who are we to deny a review when it lands so pleasantly in our box. In fact, ‘pleasant’ isn’t the right word at all. These guys offer nightmarish psychedelic garage rock that really gets under your skin and makes you feel like there are ants deep in there. It’s gloriously nasty stuff. Love it.”

“Your stuff is brutal.”

D.O.G.S. - Japan

"I'm With You" showcases the talent of A.I. Big Time! This cut drives but yet entices, a feat not easily achieved by today's modern experimental bands. Congrats to A.I. for blending their talents into a way cool experience. You cats rock!

“Alien Inquisition got it right on this one! "Cause I F___ing Will" flat out rocks! The intensity of the track builds to a frantic pace and just takes over. This haunting melody is energized by driving percussion and obsessive lyrics that spark a hypnosis that lingers from verse to chorus.”

“I heard your music on the Unsigned website. I really liked 'Never Alone'! You rock!! It was a really nice piece of music! Professional sound.”

“They're Quirky I like these guys. They're a little unusual, a little off, and a little home spun. Despite the garage band type sound Alien Inquisition is a lot of fun to listen to. If you're in the mood for something off-color then I highly recommend these guys.”

"Cause I Fucking Will" Your voice lets you recall that David Bowie. Great song!