Alicia Witt / Press

“One of the many special things about music is that it has the power to reveal-- to reveal something about the writer, about the singer ... and about the listener. But you have to be willing to give yourself over and embrace the special force that leads to a more immersive and more personal listening experience. The willingness to share who you really are connects you with something that's powerful and heartfelt and true. And you don't mind where you end up because of it ... And guess what? You feel fine. You feel free. You are grooving. That's what Alicia Witt's music is like.”

“...what a voice. It comes from tender, intimate appeals, soaring to roof raising heights, as she all the while works the piano with an ease and command ... in some tunes, the band takes off and she really lets her inner Pat Benatar out... here Witt really excels is in her ballads, personal and universal poems of love, longing, and everyday girl issues. Her lyrics flow with a poetic polish, and her piano playing rivals that of rockers Billy Joel or Elton John.”