Alicia Mathewson / Press

““The album’s title track, ‘Wise Innocence,’ is one of my favorites so far, not only because it’s a slight diversion from Mathewson’s traditional folksy sound, but also for its power. This is a song that will urge you to sway your hips, clap your hands, and pay attention to the words, that will lift you up and if not point you in the direction of a better future, at least help you feel the promise that such a future exists.””

“Local Barnstable Artist Picked up by LA Label. Local musician Alicia Mathewson celebrates a new album and a new deal with GO DIY, a record label in Los Angeles.”

“Mathewson shares her personal journey, thoughts and emotions comfortably during for her performances and she encourages her audience to speak out or join in on a Beatles tune. ”

"Sitting Alone" is the name of Matthewson's song that will be one of 20 on a quarterly sampler that Los Angeles-based GO DIY is expected to shop to more than 500 music-industry contacts across the country. She wrote the song sitting on the porch of the Barnstable home she grew up in and says "people really seem to relate to it."