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“...you literally feel the pent up electric charge and energy as she soulfully wows the ears! This was her intense "I am woman hear me roar" moment on stage, blogspot readers, especially during the chorus. She truly showed us what it feels like to be frustrated when a relationship going so good has now reached its full circle and wasn't the woman to be pushed around with flimsy promises and such.”

"Ribbons & Stone is a GRAND SLAM" - Review by Trike's Trax

“Alice Sweet Alice got to take the stage 3rd in the lineup. This band is without a doubt one of the most underrated bands in all of Kansas City. They have massive popularity Worldwide and they showed why on stage with a monstrosity sound that is full and rich, and with timing that is second to none. The setlist in our opinion was perfect on how each song just flowed from one to the next without having that “trainwreck” feel that you will sometimes get in live performances. Alice Sweet Alice showed exactly what they constantly preach in more words on their Facebook, but that is reach for perfection.”

“There’s been a time where people wanted to know more about the music, albums and the artists. You could spend hours listening to the songs and learning about them. That’s why Alice Sweet Alice made their newest album “Mandala” to get back to those fundamentals. They want people to slow down a little bit and listen to what they have done.”

“The thing I like about this group is that they can drift from hard rocking numbers like that to a song like the dramatic, keyboard laden ‘Undone’, without ever sounding like they are trying too hard to find a niche.”

“I like to describe Alice Sweet Alice as a musical jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces fit perfectly together...”

“These amazing musicians, deserve a few moments of your time, listen with your heart and soul, because that is what they are giving to you.”

“I feel a tiny bit of deja vu when I listen to the tracks, like I've been here before, but that feeling gives way to total auditory bliss after only a few seconds.”

“Now for something completely different. Alice Sweet Alice is nothing you expected, and everything you wanted it to be. Here you will find a variety of melodies and sounds you’re just not going to find anywhere else.”

“I am all about unique and genuine sounds and the fact that Alice Sweet Alice hasn't fallen into the mainstream sound proves they are a band with talent that will go far.”

“ASA's "MANDALA": Every minute of this thoroughly enjoyable record is a musical treat and ASA offer enough variety and innovation to keep you coming back to this one for months hence – well worth checking out.”

“MANDALA is an intoxicating blend of beauty and madness - an album you will cherish always and I know I will.”

“ASA's Single "Burden of Truth": If this is an example of what is to come from Mandala, we are in for an undeniable treat.”

“I became so immersed in the music it was almost like a roller coaster in and out of consciousness.”

“...Guess we're no longer in Kansas... ”

“Comfortably the highpoint of this band's career and one of the top alt-rock albums out there. (about "Moloko & Ultraviolence" OUT NOW! - AMAdea Records, BULGARIA”

“This is a good release, a kinda cd to chill out too, without chilling out too much. Get me drift? (about "Moloko & Ultraviolence")”

“I myself like to call this type of music 'thinking persons music'”