Aliceleonz / Press

“WOW ALICE!!!!! wonderful wonderful I've got the world!!!! Im in love.”

Sonia Isabel - Jazz Musician / Rome, IT

“Your voice on Eastern Night is incredible. Love it.”

Rory - singer songwriter / Denver, CO

“Beautiful and enchanting sound.. Always a pleasure to the ears AliceLeonz!”

Jonathan Tambe - Musician / Atlanta, GA

“Have had to return and listen to your brilliant voice and music. You are an exceptional songwriter and what makes it even greater, is the fact that you have such quality vocals to perform them.”


“Hello Alice! I visited your page to enjoy your beautiful songs! "Just a Blues Way" is great! Your vocal has a very beautiful timbre!”

Natalia Krishtopets - Vocalist / Moscow, RU

“Amazing vocals and songwriting for someone so young, incredible talent!”

The Almighty Fallen - Rock Band / Belfast, UK

“Enjoyable vocals and music”

John Colella - Singer| Songwriter /Bartow, FL

“I Don't Know How is a Blues Jazz sensation stirs the soul into meaningful action”

Brio'con - Musician / Hastings, UK

“Can't get enough of you Alice”

Bruce Wayne Robinson - Musician / Santa Rosa, CA

“Amazing ….. It’s a great pleasure for me to have the chance to listen to your great tracks, Wishing you all the best, love & respect”

Sami - Singer (Electronica / Soundtrack) - Roseland, NJ

“'Wildest Dream' I an awesome track...great vocals and guitar.”

Mike Doyle - Guelph, ON, CA

“Greetings! Really love your music here, great sound, vibe and feel! Keep up the great work and please do let me know when you have new updates! I look forward to it!”

Malta, MT - alternative rock band fronted - Billy Lee

“In the subtlest manner its like the coming together of Sade and Norah Jones. In its fullness its the unique sound of AliceLeonz! What an amazing voice to listen to! And no hurry, you're in no hurry...beautifully paced songs! Well I certainly can't get you out of my mind!:))”

singer-songwriter, Durban, South Africa - Pravinand Maharaj

“Watched your first two vids and am highly impressed with the videos themselves, and equally impressed with the 1940's Chicago jazz-blues feel that they emit. Unbelievably well done my dear!.”

St. Thomas, ON, CA - DAMN PIGEON

“Alice Your voice flows through the music nicely, you make it sound easier than it actually is' nice singing”

Alan Bradley - Madison, CT, US -Musician

“Aliceleonz is such amazing and talented Jazz artist !! Your such talented jazz artist i love your music and your voice! NOT THE SAME its surely amazing! WILDEST DREAM beautiful voice and talent! ”

Aria Arvan - Houston, TX, US - Singer/Songwriter

“When I write, I allow my heart to lead me. When I listen to music of others, I open my heart soul and mine to be found. You not only found these things with your music...You blessed them with passion ...”

Daniel Johnny Johnson Jr - Ellenwood, GA, US - Musician

“As smooth as silk you are! beautiful !!!”

Otto's Demos - Musician- Philadelphia, PA, US

“Beautiful voice and music, puts me in another world, puts me at peace, we need more music like yours and I hope you continue to give us your lovely music!”

Vuuduu Dawn - Musician- Denton, TX, US

“Achingly good and very sexy vocal performance”

Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers - Musician- Scotland, UK

“Came back for another listen!! I love this sound,you create a wonderful vibe!!!!Awesome singer!!!!”

Gary Worley - Blue Ridge, GA, US - Musician

“Unique and Beautiful Voice”

Tracy Rigby - New York City, US - Song Writer, Musician

“very smooth, sweet layered production..echoes of Karen Carpenter in the vocals, but the detail in the arrangements is really admirable..the horns and strings in "Not The Same" might be synthesized but they're imaginatively...”

Mike White Presents - London, UK - Artist-Musician

“I listened to your beautiful song and I have become a fan of yours. Your voice is that of a world-weary angel...wonderful.”

Jadi Norris- Tucson, AZ, US - Musician

“One of the smoothest productions on ReverbNation. A very talented vocalist and a great tune is a killer combination. This young lady has it all. Great job!!”

Michael Katfish Karr - Dayton, US - Songwriter, Publisher

“Great the music quality really well Great talented...congratulations”

Angelo petruzzi , Taranto, IT - CEO/Administrator Smooth Jazz Radio Channel


Scott Paul Davis - Musician

“Only took me 10 seconds to be hooked! Well sung, well arranged, well played and really well mixed. What a beautiful song”

Andres Guazzelli - Musician

“Aliceleonz, such a beautiful groove, man it takes me back to when music was great and lovely! Much success to you in all you do”

Crystal Heritage - Artist / Band

“Love this song! Makes me drift off to lovely places in my mind & the music & sax is outstanding! Blessings on all that you do”

Laura MillsRobling - poet/lyricist

“I just love the lyrics in your song That's what it feels like when you're losing one you love. I think your delivery is very real and you live the song. Keep on putting more up here”

Bonnie McGill - Song & Book Writer

“Enjoying "Not the Same". Chill, easy music for a laid-back Friday night”

Artist / Band - Rachel Margaret

“had a listen to "not the same " and really enjoyed the song,fine melody,super voice,lyrics and easy listening style..wonderful stuff!”

artist - dean jablonski