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“Kala, Kev, Stu and Chris from A-I-T have pulled a no punches album Truth in the silence which has a heavier raw rock feel, From Open your Eyes Through the 9 tracks Till Chasing Rainbows. Time spent at Powerstage Studios with Producer Mikey Bolton have truly payed dividends with an excellent Raw rock melodic feel Great album " #”

Tryston Blyth - Neu regal radio

" No Nonsense Balls to the wall Rock, The way it was made to be played" DJ She Wolf DarkGift Radio UK

“Alice In Thunderland have certainly pulled out all the stops with their new album 'Truth In The Silence', an album that features 8 tracks of quality Rock/Metal music delivered with Passion, Precision and Power. SeventhSon @ Black Phoenix Rising”

SeventhSon - Black Phoenix Rising

“After two years in the making at Powerstage Studio, Alice In Thunderland’s fourth album Hellfire was ready to be launched and so it was at Shades Nightclub in Bridlington. Alice In Thunderland made their way to the stage. Alice In Thunderland are one of those rare and unique bands that are like a fine wine – they get better with age. Like previous shows I’ve seen them at, their set was dominated with a strong barrage of classic rock styled-riffs and melodic vocals. Their sound has been enhanced with the addition of guitarist Tony Dixon who’s guitar work blends in well with Tony Dean’s riffs and Kevin Truelove’s bass work. Hush Now went down a treat with the crowd, as did their blistering cover of Crazy Train. ”

Nico Davidson - Valkyrian Music

“ One of my favourite parts of AIT’s set was the performance of Something Is Coming, a song that contained untamed guitar work and truly showed frontwoman Kayla’s vocal talents. Hey Hey had a very thundering use of bass, provided by Kev, and the intelligent yet destructive drum stylings of Stu Millington. As always, AIT provided a brilliant and charismatic performance. Nico Davidson ”

Nico Davidson - Valkyrian Music

“A.I.T could produce something that could well compete with the Nicklebacks and AC/DC’s of this world. Alice In Thunderland…remember that name because if lady luck shines her light on this lot there’s gonna be a fight to sign them up. Mark Davies Hardrockhouse.com”

“One of the best unsigned rock bands I have heard in the uk”

Dj DevilsDen - Solid rock radio Canada