Alice and the Glass Lake / Press

“Brooklyn-based Alice and the Glass Lake is ethereal music for dreamers, the kind of tunes that can switch your mood around and change the story in your head when you’re having a bad day.”

“Her voice is both surprisingly powerful and quiet with thought provoking moments. She carries herself with assertion and charisma, knowing her musical style is hers and hers alone. We had the pleasure of spending time with Alice... A woman of artistic talent, of warm nature and spirit, and of natural effortless style… this is Alice Lake.”

“In the nature-inspired video directed by Ida Rodriguez Joglar, Alice escapes into the scenic forest where she delves into a dream-like state as she harnesses the purity of her surroundings. Set in the fantastic beauty of the Adirondack Mountains, the creation also features an array of colorful smokescreens and geometrical shapes that simultaneously capture her soulful, mesmerizing voice while it ebbs and plays against the ethereal backdrop of nature. - See more at: http://www.ryanseacrest.com/2013/11/04/alice-the-glass-lake/#sthash.O64wpUeQ.dpuf”

“Fantasy and escapism is the blood pumping through the veins of Lake’s work, right down to the inspiration behind her "Glass Lake" artistic lens”

“Lake’s music, published under the name Alice and the Glass Lake, is as boundless and serene as her memories of growing up. On her five-song summer EP The Evolution, Lake builds sonic landscapes that seem to belong to mystic utopias only accessible through dreams”

“Mark down this name: Alice Lake. Lake is a dynamic artist with plans to dominate in 2014 with her cosmic-pop sound that haunts and an ambient sound, with electronic textures that transport you to some other place. Alice and The Glass Lake is the musical vision of a performer that refuses to be put in a box. With the release of EP The Evolution, featuring singles ‘Higher’ and ‘Coming Down’, and an LP set for 2014... Lake is making waves in all the right ways.”

“Her record has been met with phenomenal reviews. Pigeons & Planes listed Alice among the 12 female artists everyone should know and Repeat Button predicted her to be “the Cosmic Pop Queen of 2013.” Bonnaroo called the EP “haunting, lush and ambient.””

“Alice and the Glass Lake is the project of Alice Lake, who is the phenomenal voice you hear soaring over this ethereal-yet-totally-driving track. Whoever her percussionist was on this one, she owes him/her a great debt. Drums really send this track over the wall. She’s no one-hit wonder either. “Coming Down” just barely edged “Higher” and “Luminous” as the track to post. I basically had to flip a coin over which of her two music videos to post here, each taken off of the phenomenal The Evolution EP. I just can’t wait for a debut.”

“Well, damn. I’m floored. I got hit by the musical punch in the gut that is Alice and the Glass Lake’s “Coming Down””

“This artist’s website sheds very limited light on her biography, but it can be gathered that she hails from Wisconsin, and that her eerie interest in The Glass Lake has resulted in truly beautiful music. Her haunting voice, layered over strong drums and what I would imagine are a large variety of wind instruments, manage to somehow capture exactly what one would imagine a lake to sound like. She just released The Evolution in June of this year, and is reminiscent of a combination of Coldplay, Florence + the Machine, and a chorus of ethereal pixies.”

“Lake transitions from song to song with few seams to speak of, mixing echoey vocals with synth and an unprecedented, dancy drumbeat and drawing a crowd twice the size as it was when she began”

"From what's good in Brooklyn, a gem has been brought to my attention and this goddess of a voice goes by the name of, Alice and the Glass Lake. This alternative dream pop single will take your mind to higher heights where nothing below can touch you and it also helps that the song is called, "Higher" already getting a good vibe off the title and once you press play you won't be able to get enough. In simple words she makes dreams become reality."

“Higher”, is catchy as hell and comes along with a gorgeous video to boot. As I am writing this now the video, which premiered two days ago, has 684 views on YouTube and I’m quite confident in saying that at least a couple hundred of those are me. Well I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get the point…THIS SONG IS LIKE CRACK!”

"If you’ve never heard Alice Lake, be prepared to get addicted, and don’t say we didn’t warn you."

"It’s clear that the songs are carefully crafted to engulf listeners into the world of the “Glass Lake.” The Evolution takes us one step closer to this fantastical utopia that Alice gets to live in and of which we hope to be a part. I’ll impatiently await the next steps."

"The Evolution EP is dream-world collage art, a series of colors, shapes, and textures meant to create a kaleidoscopic whole. This it does well—a softly chugging strum here, some intricate electronic orchestration there, and Lake’s soaring echo chamber vocals providing the soundtrack to her crystalline dream."

““Higher”, a soaring introduction with drums like a heartbeat and Lake’s voice blooming overhead. Her sound is gorgeous and full, managing to sound equally vulnerable and powerful"”

"Blending the personal with the natural, Alice and the Glass Lake's lyrics evoke feelings of great heights and wide open spaces, as well as comforting places like the lake in question."

"Alice and the Glass Lake's dream pop floats ambiently through lush sensory overtones. Synthy sounds trickle into shimmering vocal cascades like sunlight glinting off of a lake."

"Alice, of Alice and the Glass Lake is going to be the cosmic pop Queen of 2013."

"From the first twinkling notes of Higher, you know your breath is about to be stolen. Glittering rainbows rise from her lungs and climb further than the skies. She paints a picture with sound; it’s lush, alive and full of nature. The most beautiful colours drip from musical notes that linger in the air, magical spells waiting to burst."

“Big concepts, big ideas. So it's only fitting that Evolution, the June 11 debut EP from Alice and the Glass Lake, be an equally expansive musical canvas for Lake's imaginative and dramatic art/popping electronics. Evolution's five tracks balance grand progressive themes with the bold strokes and vibrant palette of more modern plugged-in artists like Imogen Heap and the more ambient leanings of Snowblink...Lake's soaring vocals the ideal vessel for traversing the Evolution's opulent melodic structures.”

“Video Premiere: Alice & The Glass Lake - "Higher" The Evolution is filled with the kind of hazy sounds you might associate with a place called Glass Lake.”

"Emotion and landscape run through a double helix in her delivery and poetry, as layered vocal effects and booming drums create a backdrop just drastic enough to escape dramatics."

"The experience of being outdoors is palpable in Lake's soaring voice, which is one of those that reveals something deeper in it's intensity, in its looped reflections."

"Alice Lake is on the brink of something big, that's the overpowering sense channeled through her voice, delivery and lyrics on the first single Luminous.' "

"Sounds Like: Aurora borealis, if it was sound instead of light."

"A unique mix of chant, pop and instrumental bliss, Alice and The Glass Lake sounds different, but in a good way."

"Crawling. Standing. Walking. Running. Toes against the pavement, wind rushing you forward. Deep breathing. Feeling your insides. Heart furiously beating, ready to escape your chest, no desire to clutch it back in. Lift yourself with purpose. Race to me."

"Her music is deeply personal and has a cinematically full sound to it. The first single is titled "Luminous" and is both dynamic, intimate, and full of energy. It's a different type of song that you don't hear much in today's music."

"Alice & the Glass Lake...creates beautiful melodies that go well beyond the standard fare of pop and takes the listener to a closer, more deeply personal connection" -- Eclectic Ear