Alias For Now / Press

“Equal parts MC5, and Black Sabbath, this band takes a familiar sound, and makes it their own. There's plenty of guitar-shredding goodness to be had, but not at the expense of the song itself. “Don't Say Anything” has an almost poppy bounce to it before exploding into a thick, heavy groove halfway through the song, complete with Thin Lizzy-style guitar harmonies. This is early heavy metal with a fantastic pop sensibility, a true anomaly in the current musical climate, and a very welcome one. It's no wonder this band has shared the stage with such a wide variety of rock bands, they have a little something for virtually every taste. Not to mention they put on a damn good show.”

"their song "Come On In", which is available on the bands Bandcamp page for a $1.00 download. I love the slow, doomy groove this song has, and Michael's guitar work adds to its intensity. Sam's bass sounds extra "fuzzy" reminding me of some of The Sword's music. Of course, Ryan keeps a driving beat on drums to finish rounding out this classic sounding gem of a song."

"Alias For Now — consisting entirely of teenagers — has probably devoured more hard rock records than guys twice its members’ age. They’re rabid Black Sabbath and Motörhead devotees, and the result is an electrifying marriage of ‘70s classic rock and late-’80s thrash metal" -Free Times

Free Times