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“Your music is a treasure - wonderful songs and music that are each unique and special. Absolutely love this style of music!!”

Fran Shultz - Alfi's page

“wow Alfi !!! "Rhapsody 69" is brilliant !!! definitely a movie soundtrack !!! and fabulous playing..Very clever !!”

She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix - "Rhapsody 69"

"Alfi, Stopping by to say hello and hear your awesome music...Love "While my guitar gently weeps"! It's one of my favorite songs...and your version so great...awesome vocals and guitar work!Had to make it a favorite!:)"

Joe Grande - Alfi's page

“Killer stuff! Awesome guitar and vocals. More More!!!”

For The Alien's Ear - Alfi's page

“Tre Stella! Who needs Carlos Santana and Jose Feliciano when Alfi's got it all and more! Magnifico!”

Steven West - Alfi's page