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“Alex Von Z is a musician that is reaching out to his fans for assistance. The music that he creates speaks to a wide array of fans, and touches upon a considerable amount of genres and styles. The eclectic style which is present through tracks like Drawn, What It Should Be, and Chocolate Covered Karma is no doubt due to his upbringing, which brought him to two polar opposite cities – Philadelphia, PA and Phoenix, AZ. From there, Alex fell in love with a variety of instruments including alto saxophone, trombone, and piano, all of which play a tremendously powerful role in the formation of each track he finishes. Over the course of the last thirteen years, Alex has taken a much more serious role in the creation of music. Whether it was as a member of a band or as a solo artist, Alex Von Z has continually given it all he has and has made music that is effecting and always at the cutting edge. Never worrying about looking back into his considerable influences, what issues forth today is ”

“Alex Von Z has been around the block with music- after working with his band Vonzeles, he decided the time was right to make music on his own, and with a new message. Colorado Music Buzz got the latest word right from the source about the Kickstarter campaign happening this month to fund his new record and his other planes for 2014.”

“Alex Von Z has been around the block with music- after working with his band Vonzeles, he decided the time was right to make music on his own, and with a new message. Colorado Music Buzz got the latest word right from the source about the Kickstarter campaign happening this month to fund his new record and his other planes for 2014. CMB: What are the details of Kickstarter and the project it is funding? AVZ: The project is the Implicate Order album from which I have already released 3 songs including the single “Drawn”. During the funding period I will be releasing acoustic versions of 3 other new songs from the album which will have a total of at least 12 tracks. You can listen to all currently released material and get information on the campaign at www.AlexVonZ.com/Kickstarter.”

"Showing two sides of and the extensive diversity within his sound, Alex Von Z is unleashing a gem of an EP stroke album which is as accomplished and incendiary to the passions as you could wish from any release. Combining the four track Implicate Order EP and the three track single Life’s Addiction ... the release is a thrilling and impressive blend of melodic rock and aggressive metal shaped rock n roll." Alex Von Z (Alex Seleznov) ... has spent years investigating and discovering his spiritual and musical progression resulting in the two releases which now are combined into one exhilarating package. Varied and exuberant with a craft to his musicianship and songwriting which is irresistible, Alex combines multiples flavours with stated influences coming from the likes of 3 Doors Down, Eddie Vedder, John Lennon, Blind Melon, Collective Soul, Chris Cornell, Counting Crows, Billy Joel, Matisyahu, Buckcherry, Tesla, System of A Down, and many more..."

“At some point, Alex Seleznov underwent a metamorphosis. Leaving behind the proverbial ‘rat race,’ he adopted the name Alex Von Z, went vegan, forayed into devotional yoga, and began to cultivate his latent spirituality. Though he forsook much of his former ways, Alex drew on the musical background of his youth to forge his new path – a path that has begotten not one, but two EPs: 1. Implicate Order 2. Life’s Addiction. When listening to the track “Drawn,” what comes to mind is the phrase: ready for radio. The melodies are apt. The vocals are pleasing. Also, the lyrical message is one that would likely resonate with many: “I can’t change the way I am / So I’ll just love the way I am drawn.” The guitar complement to “Life’s Addiction” kicks far more ass than any vegan-penned track ever should. At some point during his former life, Alex Von Z was banging his wayward head to the riffs of such sleazers as Motley Crue and Guns n’ Roses. This has served him wel”

"What It Should Be steps up next with a more ballad like breath though there is still a underlying keenness almost urgency to excite the listener, something it does with ease. The temptation of the keys and again classic rock toned guitar reaps and gives further reward from the song whilst its smooth and compelling again is an easy consumption increasing the already brewed hunger for the release. The track does not quite reach the pinnacle of its predecessor but still makes a very strong declaration as does the excellent Chocolate Covered Karma, a rock n roll riot of invention which has loud whispers of a Buckcherry or Motley Crue to it. Like the others even with its sturdier swagger, the track is virulently infectious and stirs the passions with the ear catching guitar craft from Alex which spirals within the rampaging eagerness of the sounds. All three songs have a familiarity to them which enforces their tempting hook upon the emotions and senses..."

"The Life’s Addiction portion of the release... reach into the harder rock heart and musically imposing side of Alex’s songwriting, and quite simply leaves the listener breathless. The title track of this section instantly lets its riffs gnaw on the senses whilst harsher flames of guitar and rhythmic intimidation seize their moments with strength ... Guitar invention and its finely crafted delivery is almost siren like in its pull and bewitching magnetism within the song, and the overall attack stirring and rampant with a slight wantonness to its inducement. Once finished with the emotions the song passes over to the stunning Rise and Fall, a track pulling progressive rock and classic metal into a dazzling tempest of crafted intensity and explosive heavy rock hunger. The most inventive and imaginative song of the whole release with striking musicianship to match..."

““Chocolate Covered Karma” hovers somewhere on the punk rock side of metal. It might make you nostalgic for the 80s (yes, even if you weren’t alive then). There eventually arrives this squealing guitar solo that could summon C.C. Deville to pick up that pink V-shaped guitar. However, this ain’t “Talk Dirty to Me.” In fact, Alex’s lyrics get quite philosophical, and karmic: “So you see there must be a system / One based on prior lives / Otherwise the universe / Is a roll of the dice.””

"The Implicate Order part of the release is a gentler companion to its partner but no less impressive, the songs a mix of acoustically led and melodically persuasive pop rock, for want of a better term. With tracks taken from the upcoming album of the same name, it lights up the senses with contagious recruitments for voice, senses, and passions. Opening track Drawn starts with shimmering sonics before immediately opening its melodic arms to embrace in an acoustic cored smouldering piece of melodic elegance. The clean tones of Alex add to the warm ambience and by the time the first run of the chorus comes in the song has enlisted gleeful participation and addicted attention. As it stretches its stride with ardour seizing melodic flames and classic rock whispers expanding the strength and lure of the song, it is impossible not to be wholly enamoured with the enterprising treat on offer and anticipation for the songs to follow heightened."

"What About Me, another outstanding burst of hard rock with a carnivorous greed to its energy and play, the whole package is a sensational introduction to an artist which blends artistic craft and imagination into sounds and songs which you want to hear and hear constantly, their epidemic like hold on the passions as intense as the invention breeding them. An outstanding release from a fantastic artist, enough said."

“Alex Von Z, an American musician from Colorado who sings in tenor as well as plays an acoustic guitar says he's inspired by artists such as Chris Cornell, Tom Petty, Blind Melon and Counting Crows. You will undoubtedly hear these influences in both the song arrangements and vocals. ... Not only are the choruses memorable, but the verses are very catchy as well. This is not a song which demands a lot of mental concentration or analysis to understand the message ... this acoustic composition brings soothing, positive moods to your ears from the very beginning to the end of the track. ... Due to its pop-rock styling, "Drawn" has probable worldwide hit potential.”