Alex Shapiro / Press

"[Shapiro's string quintet is] music exceptionally well made... I found it most attractive."

Alan Rich - L.A. Weekly

“[Notes from the Kelp] is a brilliant new record. It's not just cute, it's not just charming and innovative, it's BEAUTIFUL."”

Martin Perlich, KCSN-FM

"Alex's architectural mastery comes into play... [her] work is notable. She handles each instrument as if it were her instrument. "

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz

“[Shapiro offers] a wide spectrum of emotion in music that is both alluring and unforgettable [and] of powerful impact."”

Mu Phi Epsilon's The Triangle

"If one was forced to chose one adjective to characterize all [of Shapiro's] chamber works, that adjective would be, beautiful."

Sounds & Fury

"It takes a lot of courage to leave the window to your heart this open."


"[Shapiro's] "At the Abyss" should be considered by any percussionists looking for great literature to perform."

Percussive Notes magazine

"Alex Shapiro’s music doesn’t need to be categorized; it should be listened to on its own terms."


"[Shapiro's music is] enough to give one hope for the contemporary music scene."

All Music Guide

"...Alex Shapiro is a name people should know, she's got it all. She is, in a word, a serious and significant composer of beautiful music. Hats off!"

Music & Vision Magazine