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“...While writing and executing vocal exercises over three of Clams Casino’s beats, Alex’s voice weaves creatively through the foggy, head-nod inducing tracks. In short, this is the kind of creative boldness that we think more singers/soul artists should take on. In all seriousness, local R&B vocalists obviously have the talent and confidence to do Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson and D’Angelo tribute events at area venues. Why not just make up your own songs over popular instrumentals and put out a free mixtape? What a novel idea. Hear us out after hearing out Alex’s own renditions of some of Clams Casino’s most popular beats below...”

“In his MySpace bio, Kansas City singer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Niedt lists a hell of a range of influences — from “Twin Peaks” composer Angelo Badalamenti to Norwegian mood-masters The White Birch, with stops by Joy Division, Kanye and Talk Talk along the way. And all these mile-markers make perfect sense after several listens to “Don’t Forget to Tip Your Bartender,” Niedt’s debut EP and single, available now online. The three tracks are one-man-band creations that combine dreamy swirls of electronics with Niedt’s alternating vocal gravel and silk. The title song weaves a tale of a wannabe Lothario’s woe at the bar (“Tell her that you really wanna dance now/Oblivious that you don’t have a chance now”). A clicky percussive groove ornamented with synthesized handclaps loops under an intensely catchy hook of what might be distorted steel drums and atmospheric snippets of noise and glitch. Niedt “oohs” in falsetto along with himself... [review continues]”

“Sitting in a rebelliously quiet room, burgeoning pop/R&B recording artist, Alex Niedt, lounges with satisfaction at the thought of his "Don't Forget To Tip Your Bartender" music video release that hit iTunes on June 10th. "It feels like a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders." He stammers humbly, his tone reedy and slightly groggy from a long night of after parties."I'd always wanted to make a music video, so it's wonderful to have that creative outlet finally realized." Rubbing out the shadows of his baby blues, his scruffy nice-guy sweetness is anything but bubblegum. And while he's riding on all six cylinders towards a spotlight basking in lime, Alex isn't quite convinced that he's serving up a sex-appeal to the masses like a dinnertime platter. His fans disagree. [Interview follows...]”

“Alex Niedt underscores a common piece of advice at the bar - don't forget to tip your bartender - with this video sharply produced and edited by equally talented Zac Eubank. Niedt's vocal style and chill pop meets electro-club sound is perfectly complemented by Eubank's video, shot at The Monaco (formerly Mint) in Martini Corner. The director uses quick cuts and a split screen that transforms a familiar scene into a video that mirrors the message of the lyrics. Niedt, who wrote, produced, and mixed the track, takes a common phrase and builds a song around it as an incisive snapshot of a club experience. [Interview follows...]”

“Alex Niedt's mini EP, "Don't Forget To Tip Your Bartender", is the most soulful thing to come out of the Midwest since...well...ever. Alex manages to pack more essence into three tracks than most artists can with an LP. With a title track like "Don't Forget To Tip Your Bartender", one would expect a hip hop party anthem track. That's not the case with Niedt...think Justin Timberlake meets Bjork. It has an R&B feel with a sense of ambiance that will cause listeners to lose themselves in the flow of the music. "Five Years" holds things down as the middle child of the record and does a good job at it. Once again, a song fit for a smooth listening experience. "Anywhere You Land" changes things up to round out the record with a more upbeat tempo that will have audiences moving on the dance floor to a sensual beat. Music lovers who like to treat their ears to the sounds of Justin Timberlake and OneRepublic will want to add "Don't Forget To Tip Your Bartender" to their listening itinerary.”

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“Local artists Alex Niedt and Kemet "The Phantom*" Coleman recently worked with Alabama-based rapper Steven "Yung Flash" Brundidge on "Burn It Up." The bangin' club track compacts the intensity of an air raid into hard-driving verbal syncopation certain to get backsides shakin'. "The record was produced, engineered, and mixed by myself, right here in my studio," says Niedt. All three artists share songwriting credits.”